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Blue River™ Jelly Sauce Cartridges is a signature branded AVD product made from a solvent-less blend of our refined rosin sauce with an overall boost in THC and cannabis derived terpenes. Blue River™ Jelly Sauce Cartridges offer consumers a safe, convenient, and controlled way to vaporize strain specific solvent-less hash oil. Our advanced mechanical separation techniques are able to naturally preserve a higher concentration of fully active THC, full spectrum cannabinoids, and a higher concentration of cannabis derived terpenes without the use of water, chemical solvents, fillers, cuts, or flavor additives. Blue River™ AVD signature cartridges are specifically designed to handle Blue River™ Jelly Sauces, equipped with real glass casings, a custom bullet ceramic mouthpiece, and a custom “low temp” ceramic core vaporizer. Blue River™ Jelly Sauce AVD Carts offer mobile dosing with smooth robust flavors that deliver effective, clean, and controlled experiences. Blue River™ Jelly Sauce are available in both “Live” and “Cured” solvent-less expressions.


Blue River™ Jelly Sauce Cartridges offer consumers an overall boost in THC and a faster onset for daytime or nighttime relief depending on the cannabis variety (i.e. Sativa, Hybrid, Indica). Blue River™ Jelly Sauce Cartridges converts the “smokers experience” of cannabis flowers into the palm of your hand, while increasing overall effectiveness and reducing the health risks typically associated with smoking cannabis flowers. The AVD Cartridge & Seed Battery allows consumers to control their dose with low temp mobile vaporization that prevents overheating and preserves the flavor and function of the oil throughout the life of the cartridge. 


Blue River™ Snow and Blue River™ Rosin Sauces are separated from a full spectrum hash rosin or live hash rosin. The separated rosin sauce undergoes additional mechanical refinement steps that reduces plant fats and increases the dynamic range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The separated Blue River™ Snow THC-A is fully converted into THC and reintroduced back into the refined rosin sauce to boost the overall potency and onset effect. Blue River™ Jelly Sauces tend to be darker in color than typical solvent extraction methods due to the fact our process does not chemically remove the naturally occurring flavonoids found in cannabis. Flavonoids make up the color found in cannabis resin glands and throughout the flowers themselves. Flavonoids represent a color spectrum seen under a microscope within the actual resin glands and are great indicators of maturity or ripeness of those resin glands (i.e. length of the flower cycle 8 – 14 weeks). If the cannabis resin is harvested in an early maturity stage and frozen immediately upon harvest it will produce a Refined Live Rosin Sauce that will end to be lighter in color, lower in overall potency, and have a “live” plant-like flavor profile. If the cannabis resin is harvested to full maturity and freshly dried prior to extraction the Refined Hash Rosin Sauce will tend to lean towards a darker color with a higher overall potency and offer a smoother more robust mature flavor. 

90% - 95% Overall Potency

THC: 75% | THC-A 2% | Other Cannabinoids 3-4% | Terpenes: 9%-12%


Strain Specific100% Cannabis DerivedTrue Full Spectrum ExtractTrue Cannabis Experience Mechanically ExtractedUltra-RefinedNo AdditivesLab TestedPesticide Free Chemical FreeLead Free510 Compatible ADV Glass CasingAVD Ceramic CoreAVD Ceramic Bullet TipCustom Scribe & Logos

SauceCreativeEuphoricFocusedHappyMarijuana DerivedTHCTHC-DominantUplifted
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