Gangster OG (AAAA+) (30% THC)

(Bud Size: Medium) (Texture: Very Sticky – Very Gooey) (Flavours: Pungent / Sweet / Gas ) This is a great OG cross. We took the 5K OG cut we had and also hit it with the Aloha white widow male. This is a tall plant like the SFV Fire OG and Louie the 13th OG, Gangster OG grows similar to those two OG. When grown properly, Gangster OG produces very dense, round, golf-ball-size buds that put off a pungent lemon/hash aroma. Flavors are identical to the aroma. The buds themselves are often almost white in color from the number of trichomes, with short pink pistils shooting out from the snowy background.

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