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4.4 stars by 31 reviews
delivery Kitchener / Waterloo, ONmedical & recreational
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4.4 stars

good service, good weed!

super happy with my order. quick delivery and super good quality!

Great prices for the quality but so slow to reply

Like I said, good bud, good prices. But it takes them over an hour to even get back to your initial message which is pretty ridiculous. Would be the best in the area if it weren’t for that.


I ordered the smoked nuts and bolts they taste so good and it's such a good price for 600 mg. They always come fast and the weed is always 🔥. This will be my go to place.

Came Through In a Pinch 👌

Best Buds came through in an odd hour of need once again, I hadn’t ordered in a month or so & I needed some particular items which I was happy to see they stocked & on a Sunday 🌞 no less. I had a slight “blip” in communication but they did get back to me & were super quick to deliver, Here’s a Look 👀 • Harambe🦍: Jesus! Could this Herb be even more frosted in Trichomes? (See my posts for honest pics) It’s smell is spicy-sweet with a nice citrus flavour when vaped, Joints bring out different notes with a smoke that’s velvety on the throat. *munchies are a side of effects😋 • 80$ Oz: There’s some pretty decent nugs in here & of a quality that everyone can enjoy, a SUPER deal to new smokers & just about the best way someone like me can make Powerful Edibles using this Herb, Coconut Oil & a Lil know how👍 • 1000mg CBD: price wise you get twice as much as most other WM places, Hemp Oil based, will be experimenting with & Hope to see good results

fakes reviews below me

this place has good bud and good prices been going here for time the kid under me just got butthurt and made a bunch of accounts 😂 ppl need to get a life this place is bomb af trust -Jarritt


I ordered weed to be delivered at 9 pm they said no problem. I specifically told them I’d be going to the store to pull money out and as well as get stuff for my girlfriend who just had surgery. They came at 8:40 and I didn’t have wifi to reply. I would understand if I just didn’t answer but I had my girlfriends phone who I used to try to call and text them and waited 10 minutes for a reply of the driver left he waited for 20 minutes. They said his estimated time of arrival was 8:55. That’s when I got home and there was no driver. I tried to reason with them so that I would still be able to get the weed I was suppose to receive at 9pm!! Not 20 minutes before that. They blocked my number but that does not stop me from warning others to NOT order from this place. They do not deserve your business. CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

Strongly dont recommend

Incredibly rude didnt deliver when told these people are unreliable and disrespectful and have no customer service skills on how to treat a customer a BUYING customer i find this place to be #1 most regretted place i ever picked up from

Biggg scamss

Don’t come here. I am doing you guys a favour. They say there weed Quad it’s not even close to AAAA you can just tell by the ashh. You guys are better off ordering online.

Great prices great service

I ordered the small nugs deal, and was honestly expecting the worst for the price. I was wrong. It’s not half bad! I love my kush kushy, but this deal is great when you’re in a pinch or tight on money. I got a heads up before arrival, very polite, never waited that long.

went above and beyond 6 star!!

ordered the small nugs, asked for a few samples with it to try the product. paid a little extra but they came through in a huge way. quick delivery. gave me a heads up before they arrived (10 min) and they gave me a bunch of samples and my stuff and an edible. will continue to buy here. my go to.

Would like to place an order

But have not replied to my texts, calls and emails.... Please let me know id like to try it out and give you 5 stars.

Random price increase

Ordered my third batch of the small various nugs ; was unhappy with the quality and increase in price but they were accommodating and came through with some of the best customer service in town 🙏


Fire Bud 🔥🔥 Fast Delivery And Best of all they are CONSISTENT with they're products. Today I placed my order over text it got here in under a hour and they were super helpful and even hooked me up with a little bonus🙂 I am very much looking forward to order #3🔥🔥

Bad people bad business. Don’t come here.

I order a ounce this oz was suppose to be AAA-AAAA quality it was always good quality. They serve me I get bunky stempy weed. They even told me, I would get a free 3G with my next order. So I order hoping the best they completely ignored me. I tried contacting them off buddi cell confronting them they then stopped messaging. For a business like this company that running on app. You wouldent think nothing like this would happen. I am never ever ever coming back here again!. They are the most terrible place to come on this map if there someone higher running this I would like to speak to them.

Best Buds

I just want to say costumer service was above and beyond! I had a pleasant first experience, very professional yet it felt like I knew the the man who served me my entire life.. could just be the weed talking ... Not sure.... maybe it's all part of the bestbuds experience. The products I received were definitely premium items and the berry 100mg edibles are pretty good I only ate a half of one and I feel great! Thank you best buds I look forward to ordering again!

- Best Kept Secret

Best Buds came through in a pinch! After my order with another company went tits up (mail order) I was left dry with no high and my future looked bleak, wallet thin I searched for the best bang for my buck & a 45$ 1/4 of PEZ offered a glimmer of hope. It was a real surprise to find a bag of Nutz n Bolts in my order free of charge! & the quality was well worth the dosh I laid out. • PEZ: mid sized nuggets whose density shows that it was properly cured & allows for easy rolling a J. Dark greens are offset with a golden tinge colour that looks amazing, these colours turn white in patches from the trichomes that gather all over offering up a dusted appearance that allows you to see the potential highs ahead. Flavour profile is one I’d associate with a Hindu Kush which is quiet unique to those Kush strains ranging from skunky to sweet in taste. Overall I’m impressed and look forward to exploring their menu, I got the feeling that these guys stock quality product

good place best deals

Best place check it out

Blue lime shatter

Great service, showed up within 45mins, shatter was actually glassy and broke like shatter should. Will be a repeat customer

dope spot

good product..came on time..friendly and professional..all you need right?Def a returning customer:)

Always a smile afterwards

I’ve been using this service LONG before it was on weedmaps - and I’m still using it. Enough said for a Connoisseur. It’s as good, if not better than anything you can get from any dispensary that I know of. The growers and crafters certainly pay attention to details. Always fresh, always tasty, always good, always there.