Amber SHATTER (Various Strains) – 1G Packaged - SALE 10% OFF

The strains we have are Green Crack, OK Kush, Final Frontier (Romulan X Purple Candy), Pink Window, Mango Haze, Lemon Skunk God and Silk Road (Romulan X Dutch Kush).  Our BHO shatters are made in a lab-grade closed loop system, de-waxed and vacuum-oven-purged for a minimum of 72 hours. Input material consists of frosty screen trim and small buds. This allows us to offer quality medicine at an affordable price point. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee! For more products from Island Extracts click here.  ***Lunar year of the EARTH DOG promotion: 1 in 50 pouches contain DOUBLE the amount! PLUS Monthly Instagram Photo Contest with $250 prize! People LOVE this lottery and we love watching them win!***

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