Gelato #41 - Indoor Top Shelf

Gelato #41 - Indoor Top Shelf . The Bay Area proves once again why it’s the place for connoisseurs with Gelato #41 from Cookie Fam Genetics. This cultivar represents the continued evolution of the Dom Perignon of cannabis—Girl Scout Cookies. Gelato #41 is a cross of Original Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbert and was bred by Cookie Fam Genetics. We have these exclusive, rare genetics in-house and they are phenomenal. Zip-locked away in a custom darkened bag were large, fat, purple, pungently sweet rocks. A riot of purple, green leaf and orange pistil seemed frozen in icy THC, and smelled of bitter-sweet fruit sherbet dessert. The mouth-watering, potent smoke caused instant mental and physical relaxation and appetite stimulation. Patients with a high-tolerance are scooping up batches of Gelato #41 as fast as it can be released. This potent and strong strain is sure to give you the high of your dreams. Awesome Indoor Top Shelf, hands down.

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