Kanha NANO Cosmic Citrus Sativa 100mg

$19.99per 1 oz
Product description

10 pieces x 10mg/gummy = 100mg/bag


Kanha Nano utilizes nanomolecular technology to create the first fast-acting gummies in the industry. We take our award-winning, great-tasting gummies and infuse them with cannabinoid particles smaller than a wavelength of light, which increases the speed and amount that enters into your bloodstream. Our Cosmic Citrus gummies are sour with a bite and made with sativa terpenes, which induce a stimulating and uplifting state of mind. We’ve supercharged the nano tech in these gummies to be hard-hitting and send you into orbit in only 10-20 minutes.

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6 reviews

1 year ago
5 stars

Love the nanos!

I think these are fabulous. The flavors are really good. Candy with effects. The effects vary based on sativa, indica, mg taken.. I use these for medicinal and recreational reasons. I highly recommend. My current favorite. The almost immediately effects from the Nano makes it easy to judge how much you want. My pain makes my dosage vary from day to day. The nano makes it easy. You get none of those too high, or disappointing low experiences.
3 months ago
5 stars

If edibles are for you

I’m not a huge edible person but this was a pleasant experience. I would recommend it to others
5 months ago
4 stars

They work, very strong, but the taste?

I took one and felt a soso buzz so I took a second a few hours later. I got slammed. I was on the ride for 6 hours. I never hit a high I could not handle but I did wonder at one point if I would come down. Lesson learned next time I’ll only take 1/2. The taste is pretty bad. You do taste the citrus but that is quickly replaced by the taste of strong chemical - dirt taste? Will I buy again? Probbably. But they really need to work on mellowing that strong odd glavor
8 months ago
2 stars

Works but tastes terrible

The citrus ones work great and fast but the taste is terrible! A little bit like a cross between a gummy medicated cough drop.
2 years ago
1 star

Worst tasting edible I have ever had!

I have no idea how this brand has ever won best tasting edible, it is by far the worst tasting I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried many different brands. I do have to say this one is worse than their regular gummies but all their gummies have a TERRIBLE artificial/chemical after taste that lingers in your mouth. Imagine biting into a lemon dipped in toxic chemicals then dunked into cannabis distillate, if you purchase these you won’t have to imagine it cuz you will get to taste exactly that. The only benefit is they do hit faster than traditional edibles but it’s just not worth it. Also potency is inconsistent sometimes I feel panicky/too high, other times I feel a slight tingle in my head then nothing past that, but I always get a headache after. Never buying again
1 year ago
5 stars

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