Union Electric | Pai Gow (3.5g)

Product description

Pai Gow is a smooth cross between Jackpot and Purple Punch #2. Take a few nose hits before lighting up. You'll notice that PP2 grape coming through along with a punch of fresh citrus. We'd bottle the aroma on its own if we could. Pai Gow is an all-day smoke that'll provide sustained, low-key energy and relaxation without sleepiness. It's your walking companion. Contemplate the canyons. Or your couch cushions. The fluffy purple-and-green buds were cultivated at Natura Life+Science's advanced hybrid-indoor grow.

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3 reviews

4 months ago
5 stars


I don’t think I need to get indoor grown for everyday smoke anymore. I believe this is greenhouse, not sure. Not Indoor for sure, but is great, especially considering the price and what you get for $50 outside. Great produce guys, and keep up with this good work
5 months ago
5 stars

A New Favorite

Nice and relaxing body high that left me feeling buzzed but still productive :)
4 months ago
4 stars

where we're going Marty ....we won't need roads🔥

great trees for lower price point 30$ avg I think for eight,. I have tried 3 strains from UnionElectric and they are all fire but in order of dankness PaiGow came in 2nd. #1 Fatso(h) 30% thc is perfect #2 PaiGow(s) need to cross it with 1lyfe's Egg Roll strain and that would be a real ComboPlate .TM #3 Ice Cream Cake(I) really tasty but made me too sleepytime
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