PLUS Dual Action Sleep Lychee Gummies

Product description

One bite and it’s goodnight! PLUS Sleep Lychee gummies are the first Dual Action edibles to combine fast acting and long lasting formulas in one product. Fall asleep quickly with 1mg of our cutting-edge, nanoemulsified THC which provides rapid onset in 8 just minutes! Stay asleep longer with the powerful sedating effect from our blend of CBN, CBD and 10 sleep terpenes delivered via extended release technology. Calm your mind and enjoy total relaxation as you drift off to dreamland with minimal psychoactivity and wake up feeling refreshed without fear of a cannabis hangover. Made with 1mg of THC, 2mg of CBN, and 3mg of CBD per piece and all-natural flavors and colors. Each gummy contains less than 1g of sugar and only 5 calories. 20 servings per container.

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3 reviews

1 month ago
5 stars

works fast

I need help getting to sleep, calming my mind after working on masters home work, and not waking up from night terrors. I liked this one the most due to the quick acting sleep aid and the fact that I'm not left feeling drugged in the morning. Any night terrors I wake up from don't last long and I can fall back to sleep immediately.
26 days ago
5 stars

They work decently.

I’ve been using the Kanha Tranquillity gummies for awhile but they were sold out so I tried these instead. They work really well, about the same as the Kanha’s if not a little better.
10 months ago
5 stars


This is really good especially the taste plus gummies wins on flavor! Take. Couple of these lights out!
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