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Overindulged? This restorative blend of unique cannabinoids may be your ticket through. Each extra-strength tablet contains 10 mg THCa, 7 mg CBD, 6 mg CBG, 3 mg delta-8, and 1 mg THC to help you rest, recover, and wake up feeling refreshed. Onset takes 30–90 minutes, with a duration of 2–4 hours. Should you want to consume a lighter dose, they’re scored so you can easily split one in half.

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2 reviews

5 months ago
5 stars

The world has a hangover: and it needs Level-ing!

Make this in a refill pack and get some distribution outside California! The world needs this product! It was the only thing that helped with my particular injury. So sad to be moving to Montreal where they do not yet have Level! Hope that changes soon!
5 months ago
5 stars

Life Changing

I can honestly say these Tabs changed my life, if you're looking for pain relief, problems with inflammation or to genuinely wake up feeling amazing the next day these are a must, i've also tried the CBD tabs offered by LEVEL, however these were the real game changers, definitely recommend offering to those around you who are dealing with pains, i deal with back pain and my mom deals with arthritis and we feel instant relief in about 30 minutes. 100% recommend for pain or before bed, I promise you won't regret buying these. Dissolves easily but super tiny, you won't have any trouble swallowing these, I hope they one day offer these in larger amounts.
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