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Strain Specific Cartridges:
Girl Scout Cookies, CO2 extract terpene re-infused.
Quantum Kush(Sativa Phenotype), CO2 extracted terpene re-infused.
Quantum Kush"", Polyethylene Glycol
Pennywise80% / Girl Scout Cookies20% Ethyl Alcohol extract, PG Carrier

About Us

Welcome to ALAIR Mail-Order Service/ Pick-Up Service. Soon Flagship Storefront... with delivery.
We have all strains at aaa and aaaa, bc grown medical grade tested cannabis standards.
Mail Orders made by 12:30pm Weekday are guaranteed to go out that day. Orders are shipped xpedited Canada Post.
Register by Email or Call-Text. Must be 19+.
Cash and E-Transfer only
Shipping Costs:
For orders under $120: full-shipping fee applied
For orders $120-250: $5.00 for shipping fee
For orders over $250: free shipping
Excluding For ALAIR GEAR: FREE Shipping over $100
MAIL ORDER DISCREET AND ODOURLESS PACKAGING Serving Toronto, Guelph, Oakville, Burlington, London, Brampton, Mississauga, Peterborough, Sarnia, Ottawa, Thunder Bay, Kenora, Sudbury ALL OF CANADA!
Currently we only accept Cash on delivery with a minimum purchase of 1 Ounce of flower. We can only serve people within the GTA area.

What is ALAIR:
ALAIR is a self-powered, pen -sized essential oil vaporizer. ITs power source is rechargeable using the included USB charger and the refillable oil cartridges come loaded with the cleanest and most sophisticated oil formulation available in the world.
Why Choose ALAIR:
Simply put, theres no other choice. When comparing features, reliability and quality of user experience, ALAIR is without compare. The sleek, buttonless vaporizer activates automatically when used and is always ready to go. Despite its small form-factor, it delivers generous plumes of vapour. The nearly scentless vapour dissipates in seconds, which means ALAIR can be used almost anywhere. ALAIR Cartridges come loaded with strain-specific, CO2 - extracted cannabis oil. Terpenes which are separated during processing of the extract are re-infused, yielding a rich, strain specific flavour and experience. Current offerings include oils that range from 42% to 68% THC. Considerable efforts have been vested in producing a formulation that is additive-free: No Propylene Glycol & Vegetable Glucose or any other carriers are used. Everything in the oil is 100% plant-derived and then sent for independent testing at Health Canada-accredited facilities.
ALAIR production occers at one facility in British Columbia where plants are grown and harvested to provide the finest fruits for extraction. Following extraction and processing, the cartridges are filled using a automated equipment in a food-grade facility.
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September 1st, 2016

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