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978 reviews

3 days ago
5 stars

Great prices

They have phenomenal flowers for low prices. I've stopped using other delivery services because of them!
4 days ago
5 stars

Curtis professional polite

ABC has come through for me at the last minute and I believe they would do the same for you give them a chance and I bet you won't look back nor be sorry
9 days ago
5 stars


Good quality prompt service wide selection only place use đź‘Ś highly recommend
10 days ago
5 stars


Last time I ordered they legit took care of everything I needed, the best 🙏
12 days ago
5 stars

Master Kush

Always good quality for prices and deals. My go to weed delivery service
13 days ago
5 stars

Pink rozay

Fast delivery service. Great product. 🔥 Service friendly.
15 days ago
5 stars

ABC always unfront..routinely on time

Have used for sometime now..very satisfied with product quality and service..they cover all errors with care and professionalism..service has always been outstanding..
17 days ago
5 stars

Fire bud

Fire bud and these guys always make sure your order is right. The one time I had an issue they were super cool and made sure I was 100% happy!!!
20 days ago
5 stars

Better than a lot of the dispensaries here

This place has nice bud and nice prices especially on the edibles and cartridges
21 days ago
5 stars

Great product and arrive

Friendly staff great flowers great prices 5 stars hands down. french toast strain is super saiyan!!!
26 days ago
5 stars

ABC for everyone

If u haven't already Go check out abc dispensary asap they have great service and great products u wont be disappointed
28 days ago
5 stars

ABC rocks

They are always on time and the drives are very nice and always follow safety guidelines with covid. I recommend them...
1 month ago
5 stars

Sweet place

Guys are cool, herb was bomb and service was quick
2 months ago
5 stars

Love it!

They're always having deals on top of deals! This is like my 4th time using this service and they never disappoint, highly recommended!
2 months ago
5 stars

I love this place

all the people here are wonderful. Although my prices vary. The weed is still 🔥. And I appreciate all the happy hours.
3 months ago
2 stars

Not happy

Never had any problems before this. What happened Was I ordered 5 g of guerrilla do cookies one day the following day I called back I wanted more they told me they were all out the following dayI called them and I ask them for another strain keeping in mind that I really WantedThe gorilla glue cookies I asked them if they were sold out they say no they have the $99 ounce. So we go back-and-forth with were sold out Were just waiting it will be here in an hour etc... So Now I'm questioning the whole situation So I say maybe I'll take a 1/2 oz not whole because I'm not sure if its gonna be the same stuff. So they assured me that would have it within an hour And I said if it's fresh and the same i will take a hole Ounce. Mind you this Order started about 3:30 didn't get delivered till 9:30 and it was not the same stuff very disappointed
ABC DeliveryNorth Long Beach / Signal Hill
Hi, Sorry you are not happy. We understand the Least expensive stuff always runs out so it is best not to expect the next batch to be the same exact even if from the same grower. We will try to recommend the best value if we are out of something. Call and we will solve your issue.
Official Response1 month ago
2 months ago
1 star

Never came

I placed and order and they said it would take approx. 90 mins. They never came and they never updated me that they were not going to come. This is the first time I’ve experience this with delivery. This is unprofessional and nonetheless I am upset. I couldn’t tell you how the tree was because i never got it. I will not be ordering from here again.
ABC DeliveryNorth Long Beach / Signal Hill
Hi, Sorry you are not happy, we have to assume you never sent in your ID for verification, the review is anonymous I do not know. If you place an order with our team we deliver, after all that is our business. If you can call we will figure out the issue and make it right for you.
Official Response1 month ago
7 years ago
5 stars

Awesome shop! The best.

Order with confidence; they are simply the best. Quality medicine, reasonable prices, and a great convenience having it delivered to the comfort of your own home, by friendly people. They've never steered me wrong, and they've never ripped me off; the weight is never short - usually it's a bit over. I've been using this medicine for over 30 years, and this is by far my favorite source ever. You can't go wrong; if you're new to buying from a delivery, don't stress. Place your order, kick back and relax and wait for them to arrive at your doorstep.
6 years ago
5 stars

Platinum Purple Afghan is legit!

This place keeps hitting it out of the park, Quality weed, great selection and amazing customer service SEAN IS THE BEST; professional, quick and reliable, ABC is the place for primo BUD best Prices! Budget Burn = Platinum Purple Afghan!
7 years ago
5 stars

ABC rocks!

Thank you guys for the being the best delivery service in town, I've been ordering from ABC for almost a year and a half, and honestly I have never been disappointed with what I order, because you get exactly what you see and what you pay for! Nonetheless, This huge variety menu supported with pictures for every single product makes ABC the best dispensary in the Long Beach and other beach cities. Finally, I just hope from ABC to fix the delivery times as soon as possible since it's the only issue they have that disappoints me. Overall the quality and prices are one of the main things that keeps me a loyal customer to this special and awesome service! Thank you and keep up the great work for the beach :)