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4.6 stars


Delivery will obviously take a minute if you order on the weekend. Nevertheless, it's a great service! They never take long to text back and the delivery guys are always extremely friendly, and outgoing.


Great customer service and fast deliveries! Good knowledge of product. This is my go to delivery

Great service and great people

A cut above goes above and beyond with there service my mom is a 2 time cancer survivor they know her by name always very prompt and friendly great deals what more can I say but thank you for your amazing service


Great service, nice product, very prompt delivery.

First time

I ordered yesterday for the first time. I was approved right away via text. They gave me an eta and because there was traffic they kept in contact with me, even threw in some extra goodies b/c of the delay. I didn't really mind it was just cool that they were so on top of it and super apologetic. They have so many options which I love and lots of Different price points. This is definitely one of the best! Excited to place more orders! Thanks guys!! -julia

This place is top notch!

I registered with A Cut Above Deliveries on Monday. I picked up their special on Dab Faces. They had 3 grams for $100.00 and that is some of the best dabs I've ever had. Plus their flower is amazing. I got some of the Blue Dream and it took me back to early 2000's with the amazing quality of the flower. This place is top notch and I'll be placing a order again tomorrow that's for sure! 💯

Always a pleasure

This is the first and only delivery service I use - it's always great, right on time, and the delivery people are friendly and efficient. They are the only ones who carry quality stuff all the time and the people on the phone are always super helpful and patient with - as I'm always indecisive and ask for lots of recommendations. Definitely recommend!

Another good one

Dabface carts are the best quality carts I've tried yet!

Made me believe that delivery is a viable option

I have been a resident of california for 3 years. I haven't trusted anyone enough to buy buds blind, so I have been frequenting a few store fronts in the east bay. I was in a pinch last month and needed to choose between not having herb or calling a delivery service. Then I called these guys. And wow!! Their selection is vast in potency and price range. From buds to concentrates to cartridges, they will get you taken care of. I have ordered from them twice so far. Both times the menu was updated within 24 hours of their last posting. They also had what I wanted in stock. It has been a fantastic experiences both times. The dispatcher keeps you updated, and the drivers are easy to work with. They delivered an 8th of gorilla glue yesterday in under an hour from order time which was 10am! Safe bet if you are in Contra Costa👍🏻👍🏻

Review: A Cut Above Deliveriies

At first glance, my eyes are met with the sight of superb quality buds of both indica and sativa at a price no delivery service can beat. In addition, this is the only delivery service that "I" have found that holds the Clear Concentrate! That stuff looks like water!!! And tastes amazing! I would have to recommend this service if you're looking for great flowers or really high quality concentrates. YOU GUYS ARE REALLY "A CUT ABOVE" (:

Good selection of quality wax companies

Lots of quality wax to choose from. The tree on the other hand is alright. The sherbert i received was labeled as indoor and 60 an 1/8. Unfortunately the sherbert was greenhouse w/ good structure. May be it would fool an average smoker but not a cannaseure


I haven't ordered from this spot in a while. BIG MISTAKE! The driver said he would be about an hour...showed up in 30 min threw in an eddible and a pre roll! Thank you for coming through! Found my new spot!


Two thumbs up.


This place is like my verison.fast/friendly/lots of love for the buck $ great delivery time.overal two things up.

My Go-To Delivery

A Cut Above is my go-to delivery - I put in an order every week, sometimes twice in a week. On a regular basis, I buy their flower, edibles, and pre-rolls. Let's start with the one I am least happy about - I used to order this Pharroh Kief cone when I first started ordering from ACAD - this hasn't been in stock lately and neither have other pre-rolls (I'm lazy) but I have full faith that they'll get more in stock soon. This has not kept me from ordering - yet, has strengthened my resolve to check back every week. Flowers - GREAT QUALITY and even better deals! Buy 3 get 1 free on 1/8ths? Sign me up! Great varieties, every week they have new strains to pick from, and did I mention they're buy 3 get 1 free? (Fun fact: I actually chose this company above the others because they had a "Harry Potter OG" strain. Man I wish they'd bring that back! Accio Harry Potter weed!) The edibles... Let me start this by saying I HATE CHOCOLATE. And guess what?! Almost all edibles are chocolate! But NOT HERE!! They have Cannabis Quencher Drinks (when I don't buy the entire stock), they have Strictly Edibles Cookies (in tons of flavors - I suggest the confetti one!), they have Cheebas and breath mints and sour gummies! Go on - place your order! And finally: the service... I've probably interacted with everyone at the shop by now - and everyone is super friendly and helpful! I can easily tell them exactly what I want or don't want and they know exactly what to suggest... Like I said, I don't like chocolate, but the girl at the shop talked with me and helped me find Strictly Edibles cookies that I now can't place an order without getting a few of. They also are very friendly when there is something specific I want... they'll let me know when something came back in stock that I like! Seriously... these guys (and the awesome girl) are a great team - if you want selection, great customer service, deals, quality, and speed... look no further!


Excellent everything. Truly a cut above. I've had multiple strains that have been great for me... Some strains I've gotten from them: Sherbert, Soul Assassin, Wedding Cake, Platinum OG... All stellar. Give them a try, they have sales all the time... And one last thing, I can be very particular and ask a lot of questions. They've had every right to get annoyed with me, but they just give excellent service. A+

*a cut above the bare minimum *

if you want dry,overpriced,unscented, break it down by rubbing your fingers together quality of flower for top shelf prices but mediocre quality? these are your guys. names and pictures look very appealing but you can literally rub the sherbert in your hands and watch the dust in front of you. guy on the phone sounded over medicated and ready for a nap. what a joke. on to the next

On point sevice.

First time patient here and I was happy with the whole process. It took roughly about one hour from the the time I sent in my rec to the time they came to my door. Happy with the product (Gold Coast ) and delivery service, very professional and made sure I got what I had ordered. I will be reusing them in the near future, as should YOU.... *Bud Quality = Wax Quality (Gold Drop *Tahoe*GG4*Animal Cookie)

the best experience I've had in a while!

I have had really bad luck with deliveries in my area but this place is amazing! Great service, awesome selection. They let me know about their deals and got great freebies for a first time patient. They were so organized, professional and FAST! Definitely going to order again thanks a lot!


Really happy with the product and the customer service. Chill delivery driver and receptionist on the phone. Would definitely buy from here again.