NUG Flower - Forbidden Fruit


A true Bay Area native, Forbidden Fruit brings together the dark purple hues of Cherry Pie and the uplifting citrus zing of Tangie for a legendary combination that looks like Grandaddy Purple and smells like a freshly opened container of Tang mix. Famous for its flavor, Forbidden Fruit smacks of a world of citrus, with tangerine, grapefruit, passionfruit and more blending in a mouth-watering whirl. Boasting a relaxing, but buzzy high, Forbidden Fruit has become a natural favorite for those with connoisseur palates looking for a functional, all-day smoke.


Genetics: Cherry Pie x Tangie


Breeder: Unknown


Notes: Forbidden Fruit buds often make smokers do a double-take; typified by fat-dark purple buds with a profusion of orange hairs, the intense zing of its citrus-forward nose is often unexpected, but always welcomed. Easy on the eyes and nose, Forbidden Fruit also boasts an outrageous citrus flavor, tempered away from candy-sweetness by a touch of Cherry Pie funk. Between the raw sensory pleasure of handling it and the uplifting, functional buzz it brings, Forbidden Fruit has surprised nobody in rocking the cannabis world.

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4.4 stars

Great flower

The look The smell The taste The buzz 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

idiot blame on strian

wowowowowow wait a minutes stop blame on this strain blame on the f where it come out from 😂😂😂

Tasty flower, good price, not super potent

I had only tried Forbidden Fruit in concentrate form prior to purchasing this. Loaded a bowl in the Mighty and found the flavor to be spot on to what I had tried before. Cherry Pie x Tangie makes for some incredible flavors, reminds me of Passionfruit. Pretty good nose, definitely not super resinous flower, not too dry. I forgot to check the potency at the shop, came out to 15% THC which is a little on the low end for me, but this is one of the cheaper 8ths on the market so not a bad value.

i smoke it everyday

this is all I smoke😤💨🚬🔥😤💨💎🌱❄👃🎊🍒🍊🍇🍓🍭 👅💦💋I have to have it at least once a day it helps balance my bi polar and anxiety. I don't know what's in it but, it's only The Nug brand gives me 100% relief that keeps me feeling amazing all day. The smell and taste is phenomenal 🏆 keep it up I'll be buying this every day and everyday would be a party🎉. great genetics🌱💎👃 you can taste the time and love the put into this plant. 🙇 please make more,Plant double! modesto,ca is dry. I cant find🔎 this in town lately. I think I may have bought them all. 8th a day adds up. This loyal customer wants more. Grow 3 times more this year. i want to spend all of my money on Nug Forbidden Fruit, I realized this is what I would want to smoke every single day so I need just to be buying this one and not be buying anything else so I need you guys to grow twice as much for me because I got twice as much love for you now! Highly Recommended

passing by

i looked at this bud and thought of a major league ball player with a huge wad of gross dry brown chewing tabacco hanging out his mouth..looks like cuban cigar shop floor sweepings...sorry

Forbidden Fruit

Not a strain I can smoke on a regular basis but it gives off mild, pleasent effects. Great smell and bag (bottle?) appeal. The effects I felt were a slight head change follow by a short body high, the effects duration were on the fairly short side for me. Perfect for low-tolerance people.

I take back what I thought 🙌🏾

I originally purchased this impulsively after smelling it at the dispensary, but slightly regretted it after realizing it came in plastic and was only 16%, but I figured alas you get what you pay for and this was about average for $40 an eighth. I was satisfied to see the lid was tightly sealed since I’ve purchased many much more expensive 1/8ths with the lid barely on. When I got home I put some in my vape and immediately took back everything negative I thought! From the perfect way it breaks down to the beautiful purple and orange color I enjoyed packing this flower and it only got better after the first vape hit. I was bombarded with a palate of fruity flavors and a relatively quick onset high! I was surprised because I fully excepted to need two bowls of this to feel anything since I’m used to more potent flower, but this definitely got the job done! For the price this flower is hard to beat!
Eric 12

so good

this has been my favorite strain since it came out and you guys absolutely nailed it!! such an incredible nose and taste i could smoke it for the rest of my life and be happy. hope you guys keep this one around!! well done guys
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