Lemonnade - Lions Mane

Product description
Total THC26.0%

• Aroma: Sour tart, with hints of spice and earthy tones

• Flavor: Smooth inhale with a sour and chamomile flavor

• Experience: Euphoric stimulating head high with ideas flowing

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3 reviews

23 days ago
5 stars

yeah I give this strain five stars for its flavor

its like that classic lemon pine like cat piss but improved and a much better flavor. its fruity and piney, it smoked better than it smelled. the nugs are huge,mature,knarly looking hairs this is what experienced smokers look for...this is high class bud...this is the standard for bud we should all look for... i
2 months ago
5 stars

Every time fire

This is an old strain taste fire high is great to be active outside. A must try
2 months ago
2 stars

Average at best

Wayyyy overpriced, weak on thc. Stick with the Dosi punch or something Mecca brand. Both Bogo and premium flower, they got some good weed for the money. $40 1/8ths.
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