Kanha Hybrid Watermelon Gummies 100mg

Product description

10 pieces x 10mg/gummy = 100mg/bag


Kanha gummies are made with all-natural ingredients, coloring, and flavoring. Each gummy is infused with the highest quality cannabis oils to provide the most consistent, safe experience on the market. Our Watermelon gummies are refreshingly juicy and made with hybrid terpenes, which will put you somewhere in the middle of uplifted and relaxed.

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53 reviews

13 days ago
5 stars

best flavor

i've tried pretty much all the kanha flavors & these by far taste the best to me. outside of the lychee ones but those aren't all year round like these are. i take 1 gummie & im good for 4 hours. its really chill & my high stays consistent with these. perfect for just being home & relaxing!!
2 years ago
5 stars


I purchased these a few weeks ago from Coast to Coast collective and I never want to have any other watermelon edibles! Well more so I don’t want any other gummy edible brands. The taste was savory and the high was just perfect 👌🏼
3 years ago
5 stars


Holy cow, these are so good. They have a great taste, texture and smooth fruity finish. They hit quick too. I ate 1 and went into work and crushed. I had two later on and hit the couch hard.
8 months ago
5 stars

Man o man

I could go on about how much tree i smoke and my tolerance for it and thought ima give these eddis a go. I took all 10 at 7 and waited for the results. by 9 I was LOADED and was out for the rest of the night and missed school the next day. I highly recommend
2 years ago
5 stars

Life Saver

Not the best tasting BUT these help so much with anxiety & depression. I always buy these when I can
9 months ago
5 stars


These gummies taste great and provide a nice and stable high. My mom takes these for her pain and she feels nothing but relief and relaxation, which is amazing. Highly recommend to those who are starting to try edibles.
11 months ago
5 stars

the taste is amazing

two gummies will have you in bliss don’t underestimate them because i definitely noticed they creep up on you and it’s a pleasant feeling all over
4 months ago
5 stars

10/10 half of a gummy is perfect through the day

I work at a warehouse so my body hurts especially my hands and feet. I took half a gummy and I never felt so relaxed, I didn’t feel any pain. 😭😭😭
2 years ago
5 stars

Perfect taste, feeling is smooth

My older sis & I usually prefer Edibles over flower. The medicine kicked in so smoothly in comparison to KushyPunch and there was no heavy "Downer". I purchased the 100mg of sativa, took two squares for 20 mg total and I was functional. Sister took 1.5 squares and worked perfectly for her and she usually does Indica. I will be purchasing again
10 months ago
5 stars

I love these

I take 4 of these bad boys and I’m gone. Definitely a good gummy and they don’t smell. Stealth 😎
2 years ago
5 stars


Not super into watermelon candy but these are amazing. They hit really fast and are ready strong! I would definitely have these again and will be trying other flavors as well.
5 months ago
5 stars

Another great delivery service

I wouldn't order from anyone else, it has always been fast, they communicate well and friendly.
1 year ago
5 stars

Worked and Tasted Great

4 stars

Great taste!

These are my go to gummies when I want something sweet and sour before bed.
1 year ago
4 stars

Tastes Amazing

Great taste but still waiting for the high.
2 years ago
4 stars


these are pretty good
1 year ago
1 star

Missing 2

Gummies were tasty and hit pretty good only issue was that there was 2 missing? That’s a whole 2 nights of good sleep! Picked these up from the stiiizy location in DTLA but not their fault since the package was not open or messed with. For this reason will not be repurchasing from the brand. Feels like I got scammed :(
1 year ago
1 star

Not the dosage they say

I usually will 10 MG to get a healthy buzz. I need to take 4-5 to get the same high of other products. I tried the hibread and indica and same thing.
1 year ago
5 stars

1 year ago
5 stars

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