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4 stars


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haven't been disappointed.

simple and easy process good people and well mannered. I've been crunched on time in the past and always been treated right. nothing bad to say at all.

blown away.... $30 fee to Guelph wtf ?

Tried to order for them and place an order for the next morning to Guelph . first they didn't have one thing I wanted but that's ok I see the menu is way out of date . Then I ask about the delivery fee to confirm the $10 to Guelph . only to be told it would be $30!!!! totally blown away for such a high delivery fee. buyers beware of you buy for them in this area . they were somewhat quick to respond however.

Very nice people

Very nice friendly driver and nice product

Made an account to review.

The first time I ordered from this place the driver gave me a heads up before arriving at my front door. The second time I ordered it was 9:20 on a night where orders stopped being taken at 10. To their credit the driver was fast and showed up in under an hour. But for me that was not a good thing, I had not had the time to go to the bank at that point, and because there was no heads up from the driver before he was sitting outside of my house, I was unable to pay for the order. (As someone who has ordered from multiple stores on Weedmaps the lack of heads up text or phone call is shocking, the driver also rudely claimed that I was the last delivery of the day even though I ordered 40 minutes before orders would have been stopped) While it is my fault that I didn’t have the cash available, the lack of an any communication from the driver certainly didn’t help. I won’t be ordering again.

Fast and accurate

First time ordering from here and it was on thanksgiving day. They were fast and gave you what you ordered, would definitely reccomend these guys!

Did not get a delivery

After waiting 2 hours I never got a confirmation text or a text from driver. Will not be ordering from this place again.

terrible service & weed

I gave this place a try and told a few people who I know ordered from them but everytime the service and quality gets worse. i ordered last Thursday and none of my bags were labelled, my order took 2 hours to get here (it does everytime even though they say an hour or less delivery on their page). I ended up throwing one of the bags of weed out because I got sick from it but didnt know wich one it was because of no label, and when I went to order today and asked if they could make sure the bags were labelled I was just told they're always labelled. I didnt ask for my money back at all but they didnt apologize and were not sincere what so ever. Horrible customer service. you guys clearly dont care weather you have customers or not or you would have dealt with the situation better.

Terrible service terrible company worste weed ever

Terrible service terrible company worste weed ever

Quality of the King Kush was absolutely garbage

I had to go through each bud and take out seeds, had about 50-75 seeds when done. Quality of the buds were garbage, i can honestly say worst bud i ever smoked. Another disappointed customer. You guys need to do better!

missing product

I ordered a half oz and a gram of shatter and they charged me for the shatter and I get back in my crib and it's some trash weed, don't waste your time here

Terrible Product

I bought a 1/2oz of Purple Kush, expecting it to be to satisfactory, but found out it contained over 2gs of seeds inside. I have also been toking this weed for the past hour and I can hardly feel it. Even before opening my bag, I could see the seeds but I opened it to be sure and went through the whole bag that took over an hour. I texted the company telling them what I found, only to find them arguing with me saying there was no seeds and they sold out everyday of that brand. I told them to look again and once they figured I was right, they proceeded to say well that's the product you bought. Overall, terrible product and customer service, but the delivery guy was nice.


The DabMan loves this site. love the weed love the shatter love the Edables n love's 420 to Go. 5 million stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🌥⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Amazing amazing amazing

Best day ever!!! Ordered gummies and herb and the order came in 30 minutes. This is like going to a 5 star hotel. I will not only order again but also recommend anyone to use these guys. Best service ever. Thank you! And thank you for the free cookie.


I ordered 5 packs of the bonnie and clyde gummies, they gave me 5 different flavors. also tossed in 2 pre rolls and a cookie. the cookie tasted nice. the guy who delivered was also really cool thanks!

300% worth giving this place a try!

Great prices, Great Bud, tasty edibles, and amazing fast service!

Huh that was fast!

So ordered for the first time, (i live in cambridge) Free cookie, 2 free prerolls AND delivered in 30mins!! I ordered the master kush, nice buds and I'm nice and high right now 😊😊😊 Will recommend to my friends!

prime delivery service

They run their business well. Extremely fast message/delivery times, free edibles for every order, exceptional bud. I enjoyed their grand daddy purple and astro boy, and the prices are spot on for the quality. Only complaint is there should be some more sativa strains available. 9.5/10

service with a Smile

I was really nervous about buying from this app. but look at me go!! lol the stuff is great the service was cute. so yes I recommend 420 :) thank you

horrible service

offer free brownie for 60 or more purchase was 105$ and since they have no brownies wont give me any other deals dont false advertise and suggest no one go here wont even give 5$ off for there false advertising and no supply