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4.7 stars

5 stars!

I was looking for delivery in hollywood late night, ordered from these guys, verification was fast and delivery was even faster! Bud was great and fresh. Will definitely be ordering from this spot in the future!

Great and reliable

These guys are great! I placed an order last night and they got to my apartment in 30 minutes... much much faster than the other delivery services. Highly recommend the Alaskan Thunder F*ck. Thanks guys, will be ordering again tonight.

Best Buds!

Hey if your a late night stoner like I am, nothing beats this place, great selection, fast service, friendly drivers. The first time I ordered they took my info and I sent my Id and it was fast, Just ask them what they have currently because the menu changes all the time and they run through their stuff. But I like variety so that works for me! And the weed is Great!

Best Service in Town!

Hey these guys are great! It was my first time calling them and they answered right away. Mind you this was at 2:30 AM when I ordered. They verified me really quickly and said they were sending a driver. The driver got here in 20Min! Thats amazing! They had several selections for me to check out, the driver poped the tops and let me smell and check out the eighth before I bought it. Which I know no one else in town will let you do. I picked the one I wanted and the eighths are only $40 and there's no delivery fee! Thats amazing!

The baddest service

Hey Everyone I’m really not recommend this one First of 1- Pictures and strains Names are both Not marching from far far far away all the Weed is a Lie and they have no problem to lie about the product . 2x- The driver his the highest Jerk I never saw agressive and he must think he can talk to the clients as he want He also lie on the weight of the product asking you to checks it of course without scale then go . Once in your apartment you see for a 1/8 th they put you 2.2g and there okay to fuck you . 3 - there weed are really bad and from Illegal provenance do not smoke this shit that would get you sick . Ps : the driver with the Long Hair his the real owner and talk line he’s running everything when his only the driver He think he can talk to the customer the way he want To really careful with this guy he might wait the first occasion to spray pepper you or stab you with the arms he as in his car . Police will take care of him I had recorded when his threatening

if I could give 0 stars, I would.

Worst service ever. I texted the phone number on WM to order.10 minutes later no response so I gave them a call. A guy answered and he took my order over the phone, then asked me to send over a pic of my ID and the address and quoted me 40 minutes on my order. I ordered an 8th of the Obama, a g of moonrocks, and a free g of purple kush for 75. 40 mins later, I texted to see where my order was. No answer so I called. He told me he would send drivers ETA. I get a text that says the driver is 20-25 mins late. 30 mins later, I text again. He says 6 mins and that Ill get 5$ off. 6 mins turns into 15, driver FINALLY arrives. He asks me (a small girl) to get INTO his car. Tells me then that hes out of moonrocks. I tell him I'm a lil upset and he says there isn't anything he can do, so I pay him 40 for the 8th and the g. He gives me the 8th, and then pulls out a cap with the SAME strain and puts an eyeballed and shorted g into my HAND, and I get out of the car. The weed was at least decent.


Grabbed couple 8ths first let me tell you besides it being as dry as deserts out here both flowers which were supposed to be different flavors were the exact same .. so basically your buying same trash in different bags oh yea and that first time buyer free gram with purchase def another lie altogether avoid these guys at all cost ... 70 bucks down the drain literally threw that crap away wasn’t worthy of a backwoods let alone some Raws


I got my Flower, it’s pretty dry and mostly shakey. Very little Nuggets. And it was my first time trying, i didn’t get my free gram so i mean, that sucks. Oh well i guess.

Speedy delivery!

First time using their service.. Called in a late order, almost closing. 20 minute eta, arrived in 5! Quality goods! Thank you!

Cool people - GOOD SERVICE!

Great delivery service and the even have rewards cards! Bud was good, delivery was solid, and customer service excellent! 5 STARS!

They suck

This guys are pretty much bullshit out of all the reviews I thought I finally found the perfect shop to deliver my med . But these lames only deliver to the address on your I’d how wack and played out an you get. Shitty service and even shittier I can’t get med delivered even when I’m a few blocks away from there location

How do I order

How do i order?

Sensational, Good ass weed!!!!!

So my sister and I were in stoner dier of need for some bud and we decided to give you guys a try. One word “BOMBSHIT”! Came in 30 mins when eta was 45, backwood was fresh, I weighed the bud and got exactly the amount asked for, and I couldn’t even smoke the whole blunt! I would recommend this shop!

Great service

Out of what I ordered so have me a selection of high grade to choose from!! Great service and fast!


this place is amazing the take good care of the ppl they deliver to they are amazing!!!!

Well Now....

Love the selection and the prices. Excellent service and hooks FTP's up with some lovely free grams...not the boo-boo stuff some places give you for free lol

Great Customer Service!

The customer service is amazing. Great service will order from you guys real soon!

This place is dope, great people great bud!

Dude always takes care of me and treats me like family, much love i'll always come back :D


how do I order?

Great service

Awesome service, great spot to get your meds from!