Company mission

Our mission is to power a transparent and inclusive global cannabis economy.

Delivering on this mission requires us to not only build the best technology solutions in the industry, and drive safe, convenient access for consumers, but also to drive cannabis legalization forward in ways that adhere to our core values.

Our efforts

We work every day to advance cannabis causes, such as adult-use legalization, access for all patients, justice for those who've been impacted most by the War on Drugs, education for all, and social equity in the marketplace.

WM Policy

Social equity support

Decades of propaganda have seeded misconceptions and misunderstandings about cannabis. WM Policy — the “think tank” within Weedmaps — provides data-driven research, analysis, and guidance to elected and appointed government officials and public sector leaders, industry executives, advocates, the news media, and others seeking to understand the wide range of cannabis issues.

As part of our long-standing commitment to support thriving, legal cannabis marketplaces in the United States and beyond, and to encourage minorities and economically-disadvantaged individuals to participate in the cannabis economy, we rolled out a variety of free services and in-kind offerings to ensure that social equity entrepreneurs have the opportunity to compete in the industry.

Advancing legalization

Cannabis education

Our Government Relations team understands the complicated local, state, and federal legislative, regulatory, and public policy landscape for medical and adult-use cannabis. We advocate for common-sense policies and regulatory outcomes at all levels of government, and work closely with state and local leaders and staff to craft fair, functional, and inclusive cannabis legislation.

WM Learn — with built-in collaboration by doctors, researchers, and other industry specialists — is one of the most comprehensive and accurate online destinations for learning about all aspects of cannabis. Additionally, we host educational workshops and develop programs for the industry to deepen the understanding of plant science and how cannabis works in the body.


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