Gemstonz Bath Get Naked Bath Melt, 50mg

Product description
Naked – infused with notes of vanilla and tropical floral essences leaving you smelling divine.  Welcome to luxury for your skin and a boost to your body.  These decadent CBD bath truffles offer 50mg of Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD extract along with essential oils blends in a cube of hydrating oils and exfoliating clay.  These Bath Truffles are not to be confused with a bath bomb that tend to leave your skin dry and itchy. The cocoa and mango butters in this truffle soak into your skin easily, after the mild exfoliation from the clay, leaving you soft and smooth.  Bath bombs have more fizz but have less moisturizing oils.  Another bonus is that it can be used as a scrub in the shower as well.  It is actually quite helpful as an exfoliator and moisturizer combined.
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