The Drops 300mg Water Soluble Full Spectrum

Product description
The Drops 300mg Water Soluble Full Spectrum - 15ml (0.5fl.oz) The Drops Water Soluble Full Spectrum.   This product is water soluble, so you can add to it any beverage. Smaller molecules create an increased absorption at a faster rate - you will feel the effects in about 5 minutes!   WHAT MAKES THIS DIFFERENT THAN OIL? CBD molecules are broken down into tiny particles through an nanoemulsion making them easier to absorb. At this size, the CBD can penetrate mucous membranes in the mouth & stomach and is able to enter the bloodstream right away. Since the CBD doesn’t have to travel through the digestive system & liver, there is less chance of losing potency - meaning you can use less!   HOW DO I USE?   We recommend starting with a 12oz dilution - 1ml per dropper full, 20 drops per ml.
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