Introducing The
Brands Experience

Benefits For Retailers

A New Dimension For
Discovering Marijuana Products

Weedmaps consumers are taking advantage of our intuitive search to discover both new and familiar cannabis products from the best brands in the business—and they’re looking for those products nearby. Leveraging the Weedmaps Brands Experience will maximize your company’s success in this quickly changing industry.

Product Discovery

As variety increases, people want to research and find new brands to try.

Weedmaps Verification

A safer, more secure cannabis transaction for you and your customers.

Brand Loyalty

Consumers are sticking to their favorites. Make sure you carry them.

People are Becoming
Brand Loyal

In the past, all you needed was a few types of fire OG and heady exotics, but the dispensary and delivery game is changing fast. Now, you need to carry hard-to-get brands people love as well as have an eye for new up-and-comers. Like wine, beer and many consumer industries that came before, cannabis consumers will continue to evolve and become more confident in their purchasing power. Empowered consumers demand reliably consistent, trustworthy products from brands that embody the values they hold.





Do you Carry the Right Brands?

The brands featured on your menu can have a big impact on the success of your operation. Brand-loyal consumers want their go-to products and expect to find them fast. The Weedmaps Brands Experience allows consumers to connect with their favorite brands and find their favorite products nearby. When you carry Weedmaps Verified products made by brands that are popular in your area, you increase your business’ visibility across the Weedmaps platform beyond a pin and menu listing. Make it easier for brand-loyal consumers to find their favorite brands at your business by partnering with Verified vendors.

Don’t know how to reach your region’s most popular brands? Contact your Weedmaps rep for insights and introductions to the industries top companies by calling (800) 938-1392.

your House Brand

Costco has Kirkland and Amazon has AmazonBasics—As retailers develop their own private labels, they can leverage the Weedmaps Brands Experience to help drive more traffic to their business. Standardization will be a theme during our transition to a regulated industry, and ensuring your in-house brand is part of this evolution is essential. Help people find comfort in purchasing in-house brands that they know they can count on.

Protecting the Industry with Weedmaps Verification

When it comes to cannabis products, consumers want to know they’re getting the real deal. Prevent counterfeit products from hitting your stockrooms by working with verified vendors to bring your customers consistent, reliable, high-quality products they’ll want to purchase time and time again.

Weedmaps Verification tells customers your business is an authorized seller of brands that stand behind the authenticity of the products on your menu. Increasingly, consumers are looking for the WM Verified Seal to be sure they’re getting real, fresh product. Be sure to stock your menu with Weedmaps Verified products for the ultimate consumer confidence with every transaction.





The Future of the
Brands Experience

We are excited to add this new pathway to drive customers to your business. Our developers are hard at work building out the platform. It’s our goal to continually add value for all sides of the supply chain by rapidly expanding the Weedmaps Brands Experience. Stay tuned for more great features.