POS Integrations

Unlock the full power of Weedmaps and save time and money with an integrated Point-of-Sale (POS) system.

Display up to date menus with Live Menus and simplify your order process with Orders Integration. If you use a Point-of-Sale (POS) from one of our technology partners, set-up is a breeze.

Live Menu Integration

Orders integration


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Live menu integrations

Retailers juggle new inventory shipments, orders, and in store purchases throughout the day. Maintaining accurate inventory in store and online is key to ensuring compliance with applicable laws and maintaining an informed customer base but manually updating products and inventory across platforms is a challenge.

With Weedmaps Live Menu integrations, your inventory stays up to date including product descriptions, images, pricing, and availability. We take the hassle out of inventory updates by syncing with your POS up to the minute, saving you time and letting you focus on other things like, keeping your customers happy.

If you use a Point-of-Sale (POS) from one of our technology partners, setup is a breeze.

Orders integrations

Keeping order fulfillment times short and customers happy is a key goal for your business. By integrating with WM Orders, your store can receive requests for product reservations for pick-up or delivery. After receiving an order request, your team can communicate with your customer by email or text message, adjust items in the request, and handle stock issues. Not only does this simplify your order process, it also saves you time and sets you up for higher fulfillment rates.

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With more cannabis brands and retailers joining Weedmaps every day, Weedmaps is committed to bringing together technology leaders to provide a better way for our shared customers to manage their operations. Join us in helping to design and build better solutions that will help us elevate the industry to new highs here in the United States and around the world.

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