Connect with more retailers and streamline your operations

WM Exchange is an online wholesale platform that gives brands exposure to more buyers, and streamlines transactions with user friendly sales tools.

Grow your network

Connect with more retailers seeking your products, establish relationships, and create business opportunities.

Stay in the loop

Stay in-the-know with text message and desktop alerts that let you know when new orders come through, and update you on order progress.

Create your own unique brand catalog

Easily create, manage, and share links to your brand catalogs with retailers so they can quickly view your products on WM Exchange.

Manage your territories

Set distribution territories and match products to their available areas. Expand to new markets by adding additional territories when you’re ready.

Robust purchase order tools

Edit purchase orders and review changes to ensure order accuracy and maintain control over the fulfilment process.

Track purchase orders anytime, anywhere

Run your business without being tied to a computer with detailed text message alerts that link directly to relevant purchase orders.

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