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Zendo is the collision of two healthful components in one product. With their line of delicious edibles, folks that enjoy Zendo don’t have to choose between all natural relief and healthy snacks.


The Zendo team is dedicated to crafting edibles that promote an organic lifestyle, empowering individuals to medicate mindfully. Zendo’s mission is to assist the cannabis community on their journey to higher healing.



The founder of Zendo was born into the cannabis community. Her family is long-standing medical cannabis advocates, and her sister even operates a cannabusiness of her own. As the more health conscious of the family, Zendo was an extension of her passion for natural wellness. There weren’t many organic options on the market and she wanted to create something that makes the most of her passion and connects with others. She developed her first products and right away got extremely positive feedback, it was time to debut her creations. Zendo launched in February 2017 and has elevated the standard for cannabis-infused edibles.



Zendo products are a combination of medical grade cannabis oil paired with various natural ingredients, rendering edibles with synergistic benefits. All cannabis oils are lab tested before infusion. The final product is then full panel tested by CW Analytics, all Lab test results are posted on Zendo’s website.



Not only does Zendo offer healthy edibles crafted with the highest quality standards, but they also come in fun and sophisticated packaging.


Snack your way to wellness with one of Zendo’s infused almonds, offered in two flavors: Spicy Sea Salt Almonds, and 2017 High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup winner Honey Cocoa Almonds. Each contains a total of 100 mg of active THC in delicious, organic and gluten-free edibles.


Infused almonds aren’t the only tasty and healthful option. Zendo offer Infused Coconut Oil which contains 60 mg of THC and infused Peanut Butter with 50 mg of THC. With these options users can cook or create a simple snack or medicated meal.