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Let Zen Cannabis take you on a relaxing journey to inner bliss with our THC and CBD based products.

Find your zen with Zen Cannabis Available in six refreshing flavors and three cannabinoid profiles, Zen Cannabis will help you find peace and relaxation.  Committed to the highest quality and consistency, Zen Cannabis' wide range of products has something for every taste and every need.

Zen Cannabis’ six refreshing flavors and different potencies are perfect for any mindful cannabis lover looking to find their zen.

The Fruit Punch Sativa and Indica gummies deliver rejuvenating fruit-filled harmony to your taste buds, while the Watermelon Hybrid is an uplifting burst of summer sun; and, the Pineapple Hybrid tastes like a tropical excursion.

The bold Cherry gummies have a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC and the citrus-packed Orange gummies provide a 10:1 ratio for those seeking a deeper CBD-infused zen experience.

Zen Cannabis prides itself on creating products that are consistent in experience, delicious in flavor, and low-calorie. Our gummies are also gluten-free and fat-free.

Our company is committed to quality and consistency, with a range of products in development for every kind of taste. Reach a new state of peacefulness and find your zen with Zen Cannabis.

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  • Medical Mfg. PAAA-NYZT-6BFH