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Zanna Meteorites 16G Littles - Marshmallow OG

Our Meteorites are mini nugs from our premium indoor grown flower. These mini nugs are packed with flavor and THC. Your life is about to change. And know what’s even better? It comes with 15% MORE than a ½ or ¼ ounce. Get 8g instead of 7g and 16g instead of 14g.

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Our mission is to consistently bring California top quality flowers at honest prices. Our cultivation team is led by a captain with over 30 years of experience. The dedication and commitment to clean, quality flowers is a testament to our passion and beliefs. As part of the cannabis community, it is an honor to serve you. Moving the cannabis community forward one nug at a time.

All of our flowers are grown 100% indoors using genetics and seeds sourced by experienced hands of over 30 years.  We have customs and traditions on our planet that we have implemented here on Earth.

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