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4.8 stars

Love all of these products!

These products have been life-changing. They've helped family members lessen their chronic pain substantially. I highly recommend to new and experienced CBD users. You won't be disappointed!

YK Uplift & Love Potion

I have been searching for a uplifting marijuana product that keeps you functional. In small doses (1mg), this helps me stay slightly "lifted" in energy, focus and mood without noticeable psychoactive effects. Also, it tastes pretty good. With a full dropper (5mg) it's more of a great recreational high (with a bit of a sleepy come-down for me). I feel like the B-12 and herbs are helping me after the product wears off too! Great product: I would definitely recommend I also use a micro dose amount of this to help with my eczema outbreaks and it help a lot! The Love potion works! Gets you in the "mood" a bit more than the typical marijuana product already does. I normal refrain from using this if I don't want to get turned on!


Seriously so good. Have tried a few and all I can say are good things.

Literally the best products

I love their mood magic and drift away tinctures for helping me with my cramps (girls you know what I’m talking about) and my awful insomnia.

Drift Away

I was not sleeping well, due too the medication I'm taking. Dr. recommended Ambien. After reading the Ambien reviews, I decided not to take it. A friend told me about Drift Away. Tried it, works better than I expected. Tastes great and I sleep all night with no Rx drugs

One n One review

I take many 1:1 and this one just had a really bad after taste of THC. I love THC, but for some reason this one just did not hit me well with the flavor. As for effects, it did its job but I was hesitant to take it because it tasted bad.

Tinctures are FIRE

With plenty of medical issues..... I can say this brand has relieved so much for me. And sleep???? I’ve NEVER in my entire life slept like how I do with DRIFT AWAY. Dang..... I seriously would give 10 stars to this company if I could. Thank you!!!!


I have tried so many brands of tinctures it started to get irritating to me let alone my husband who buys it for me. I kept asking the "bud tenders" in the dispensaries we would go to, "How is the Yummi Karma brand?" Every single one of them said it was "ok" ......so I never tried it. Till one day a "bud tender" was trying to act like she knew way more about cbd then I did. So I said, " you know what, I'll take the 1:1 and the stay lifted by yummi karma, thanks!" Paid for my meds and left. REALLY?!?!?!!? WHY were these scandalous people telling me yummi karma was just OK? THIS STUFF IS AWESOME!!!! I want to try them ALL. Thank you Yummi Karma, Your products are kicking my fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis' and ADDHD's A$$ !! THANK YOU.

Activated Oil

With a spinal cord injury I have found the best way to medicate is from Golden CO2 FULL SPECTRUM ACTIVATED THICK OIL taken under the tongue. But must be made right and from really good indica flower.

Life Saver

I can't say enough about this product. It has literally given me my life back. I have tried quite a few CBD tinctures only to be left disappointed in their products. Yummy Karmas 20:1 is worth every cent. This product has helped with my Fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome and chronic insomnia. The droplet allows you to adjust your portion according to your daily needs. I look forward to trying their other products in the future. Thank you Yummy Karma for making a true product we can rely on.

In love with Yummi Karma!!!! 😍😍😍

I don't even know how to express my gratitude for what this company's product has done! I've had anxiety my entire adult life and have tried to avoid taking pharmaceutical medications, especially since my daughter was born. Pharmaceutical medications can leave me feeling lethargic and not myself which deters me from being able to be the person I should be. A friend introduced me to Yummi Karma's Twenty to One and it has been the best product I've come across! The taste makes it easy to take and the effects allow me to continue my day and feel great! What I love most is it helps my anxiety without any negative side-effects. Now I'm curious about their Mood Magic tincture and cant't wait to try it and the other products they have to offer.


Love Yummi Karma! The chips and popcorn taste like their actual flavors, not just marijuana. Their High Gorgeous line is versatile and they all smell and work great! They're everything you want in a cannabis infused company & more! YK's products are consistent and high quality. Their packaging is colorful and creative. You can tell this company put a lot of hard work and effort into their brand!! Can't wait to see what they come out with next!!!