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Four to One Tincture


Full Spectrum Cannabis Drops


Great to reduce anxiety. Also used for relaxation, healing and as an anti-inflammatory.


Our drops are best taken under your tongue. We suggest using one full dropper per dose for the desired effect. 

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4.8 stars

Love love love!

This is always one of my go to products! The 4:1 ratio is perfect for me.

Works so well

It helped to dull stomach pains and i slept like a baby It tastes so good i think i found this Cbd as go to

Helped With Level 10 Pain

This product is one of the only things that helps my mom with her NEAR CONSTANT level 10 pain. She's had 3 neurosurgeries over the course of 20 yrs and nothing has changed her level of near constant pain; she's currently recovering from the 3rd surgery (this one for a lumbar spine fusion, her cervical spine-neck-is already fused in 2 places.) This product is the only thing that helps to give her any relief.. not even Perc 10s do shit for her but this does!

I got this because I had a grand maal seizure and bit my lip open pretty badly, almost all the way through. The pain was INTENSE. The morning before I got this stuff, when I woke up, I was screaming in pain, which is very out of character for me. I am more a grin and bear it kind of person, but I literally felt like I had tried to play a cheese grater like a harmonica. (Take a sec for that visual. Lol...) But that night, after I got this and took about 2 mL, the pain was GONE. Which is amazing, considering where I was only hours earlier. This is a great product for pain management.

Great product