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Infused Series - Strawberry 500mg Mini Pre-Roll
Users report feeling relaxed.

Weedsy Infused takes top-shelf organic cannabis flower infused with premium THC distillate which is then smothered in the highest quality kief to delivery a burst of creative energy followed by a creeping body high from beginning to end.

Who said you can't have strawberries and puff them too? Strawberry Infused is nothing short of a juicy and delightful experience of sweet, fruity decadence.

  • Strawberry
  • Berry
  • Flowery
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Teensy, Weensy, Weedsy.

Created for those always on-the-go, Weedsy strives to provide quality cannabis in teensy portions for a weensy price. Our products are specifically designed at approximately 0.5 grams, making these the perfect solution for a one-and-done deal. Whether you are at a music festival, camping, or at a park, the Weedsy product line is super convenient, portable, and will always deliver that higher level.

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Weedsy Infused

Twinsies Live Resin & Diamond Infused

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Strawberry is an enigma of a cultivar with unknown genetics and an unknown breeder, though most online sources agree this strain was born in the Netherlands. Those who have sampled Strawberry claim it tastes like sweet, fresh berries with an earthy finish and smells of pungent fruit.

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