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Wana Disposable Vape: Sativa Lemon

Users report feeling happy.

With a refreshingly zingy lemon flavor, our Sativa Lemon disposable vape is uplifting, invigorating and energizing. Wana Disposable Vapes are made with state-of-the-art hardware, crafted with all natural ingredients, and enhanced with our proprietary blend of organic botanically derived terpenes for a smooth, delicious and potent experience. 

300mg of Distillate

State: Colorado

  • Lemon
  • Citrus
  • Earthy
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Wana Brands is North America's most trusted edibles company for a reason... actually, a lot of reasons! After more than a decade spent fine-tuning their premium vegan, organically sweetened, melt-proof recipe, Wana has developed an ever-growing lineup of innovative infused products, including both traditional and fast-acting options. Today, customers all over the U.S. and Canada can customize their experience by choosing from an expanding variety of doses, onset times, CBD/THC ratios and -- best of all -- three class-specific blends enhanced with more than 30 terpenes. Oh, and did we mention Wana products are completely delicious?

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Lemon, also called Lemon OG, was created by the team at DNA Genetics. The strain combines a Las Vegas-raised Lemon Skunk with the OG #18 phenotype of OG Kush. True to its name, Lemon features overpowering citrus notes with a distinct lemon flavor thanks to its higher percentage of limonene terpenes.

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