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3.9 stars

Bad quality!

Bad quality, ban this seller!


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Poor quality!

Poor quality goods! Price does not match quality.


Well produced tinctures


red cart is the biznaz

Just got this from Starbuds. This product is fiiiireee. Such a calming high. Will define you be buying these. Thank you starbuds for carrying them!

Red is Awesome

Im a huge fan of the red vape. Cant wait to try more of their products


love the professionalism. I feel like I'm going to the doctor

#1 medical cannabis provider!

Best medical cannabis company!! Medical experts, precise and consistent products, amazing customer service! Love Vireo and Dr. Paloma!!

Blue vape = pain relief without a high

Shout out to staff who were awesome. Along with the normal offerings. I tried the Blue Distillate vape cart. I love it! I used this product when I was in PA. I can’t wait unlit it’s in MD- Relaxing, but no high. Takes my back pain to a tolerable level and let’s me function most of the time. I can pretty much use it every day and be at work. It’s really high in CBD mg per dose -highest I’ve seen. Definitely it can start to form crystals it’s so pure but It works well and heating up the cart makes the crystal haze better- not a big deal and reassures me of the large CBD amount in the vape.

Green 1:1 gets me through my day

I've found heaven in the starter kit! Vireo GREEN helps get me through the day, each and every day. Yellow, Grandaddy Purps is like my late afternoon happy hour. It's super tasty and has nice cerebral relaxation. ReD iS Soooooo AWESOME. Definitely great head buzz and pain relief. I asked my PC what's next - I already put my request for a Jack Herer syringe in time for 710!

Green All Day Every Day!

I love the 1:1! I can use it any time of the day, get my relief, and stay functional. The consistency is unrivaled as well.

Great products, reliable company

Love the product range and the color spectrum makes it easy to determine what I want. Very reliable.

Like no other

I have tried different products since I received my medical card but is the consistency of the Vireo cartridges is what is driving me to write a review. I am having a great experience, please keep it up...


Bliss in about 30-40 mins.

Instant pain relief. Knowledgeable staff

Lifesaver! I have suffered from back pain for a long time and Vireo was the first product I used that actually gave me prolonged relief. The staff at the dispensary was also so knowledgeable and kind. Will definitely keep using. I used the starter pack. Red and yellow were my favorite.

Great dispensary

Lovely place, friendly staff and delivery service is amazing! Definitely the best delivery service in NY now!


Upon the advice of a friend who was a pharmacist and not only knew and understood my chronic pain as she suffers from MS, I started trying out medical marijuana thc9/cbd products and they did help when used in conjunction with the opioids, I just used the opioids a great deal less. Then my pain management doctor cut my pain meds in half, literally he cut the dosage and frequency and exponentially the amount, and I wasn’t the only one that he did that to! As a chronic pain sufferer I was scared of a return to the twice a week (or more) ER visits. I was directed to an online portal and got certified for medical marijuana. I found vireo health through a story about Remedy dispensary. I called vireo after trying to set up an online consultation with the pharmacist. After that I called the white plains office. They were very very helpful, got me an online consultation for the next day, not the week and a half that was originally scheduled. Once that was done I set up my first order for delivery. Everything went off without a problem, that time. It was truly a 5 star experience. Pharmacist was abrupt but understood. However, they lost a point because my last order was canceled, no phone calls, just an email that the order was under review, when I tried to call they were closed. however I did get the cancellation notice after they were closed, way after, and when I tried to make a new order the only delivery day was two days later instead of the next day as originally ordered. It’s inconvenient, increases my stress levels and with the reduced opioids to combat the extreme debilitating chronic pain, increases my pain level and the amount and frequency of pain medication dosages. So they lost a point because in this day and age nobody could bother themselves (from whichever department is responsible for online ordering) to pick up a phone and call the patient to see if this was user error or whatever. Their entire image is that of doctors and pharmacists who care about the patient. Almost like a family doctor of old who would pick up a phone and call the patient to check on their progress, I guess that since my first order and now that this kind of customer service or customer care was lost.

RED 19:1 tastes great, Burns way too quickly

This is the Jack Herer stand cart, so a sativa with a low CBD benefit. The effects are cerebral and pretty immediate, clearing up fogginess for a morning/work type buzz. Albeit the CBD content, there's going to be very minimal noticable benefits from this pen alone. DOWNSIDE... this pens longevity is an issue, I've had no coil problems but the distillate just doesn't last in comparison to other companies similar carts. Wouldn't buy again UPDATE: I was able to get a peek at the contents, and this cart contains less than 400mg cannabinoids (THC and CBD COMBINED!) in its' 500mg tank. Don't worry, they'll still hit your limit for the entire half gram, just know that you're going to rip through this cart quickly.

thieves and crooks

bad product with even worse customer service you have been warned