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At Vireo Health, we believe medical marijuana is a great resource for treating a variety of qualifying conditions safely. By speaking with our patients about their diagnoses and their medical care, we’ll work together with the patient and their physician to craft a treatment plan that keeps the patient front and center. When you visit our New York medical marijuana dispensaries, you’ll find compassionate physicians and pharmacists who are up-to-date on cannabis-based remedies and who understand the differences between the various capsules, oral solutions, vaporization cartridges, and vaporization oils we prescribe. Together, you’ll be able to decide which product may be right for you as we work to manage your condition.

Our best-in-class cannabis-based products are truly made with our patients in mind. As an integrated medical marijuana dispensary, we handle everything from seed to sale. Our knowledgeable staff of horticulturalists and scientists nurture our plants and create our products, while our compassionate physicians and pharmacists assist patients in our dispensaries.

Currently, Vireo Health runs New York medical marijuana dispensaries located in Albany, Binghamton, Queens, and White Plains.

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RED 19:1 tastes great, Burns way too quickly

This is the Jack Herer stand cart, so a sativa with a low CBD benefit. The effects are cerebral and pretty immediate, clearing up fogginess for a morning/work type buzz. Albeit the CBD content, there's going to be very minimal noticable benefits from this pen alone. DOWNSIDE... this pens longevity is an issue, I've had no coil problems but the distillate just doesn't last in comparison to other companies similar carts. Wouldn't buy again

Video Red Cart is booooomb

Just got this from Starbuds. This product is fiiiireee. Such a calming high. Will define you be buying these. Thank you starbuds for carrying them!

Instant pain relief. Knowledgeable staff

Lifesaver! I have suffered from back pain for a long time and Vireo was the first product I used that actually gave me prolonged relief. The staff at the dispensary was also so knowledgeable and kind. Will definitely keep using. I used the starter pack. Red and yellow were my favorite.