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Veritas Fine Cannabis

Electric Lemonade

Users report feeling happy.

Blue Dream x Tahoe OG
Hybrid | Innovate
3.5g of premium pre-packaged flower

  • Citrus
  • Sweet
  • Lemon
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Veritas Fine Cannabis
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The truth will leave you euphoric


Veritas Fine Cannabis continually cultivates new and exciting seasonal strains while maintaining heirloom offerings and growing partnerships with some of the best dispensaries in Colorado to distribute premium cannabis flowers. With passion and a focus on delivering the best, Veritas Fine Cannabis provides marijuana that exudes incredible flavor with reliable consistency. Veritas is the Latin word for ‘truth,’ which is what their master growers and team strive to deliver. The team at Veritas Fine Cannabis believe marijuana heightens experiences.



Veritas began growing cannabis at the beginning of legalization in 2009 and spent their time absorbing knowledge about the best growing methods. In 2014, they were pleased to be awarded the first wholesale-only grow license in Colorado. They took that opportunity to begin constructing a 12,500-square-foot grow facility. After years of developing proprietary genetics while taking a meticulous and painstaking approach to growing superb, high-quality marijuana, they were finally ready to place a name to their coveted product; Veritas Fine Cannabis.



Veritas Fine Cannabis is cared for by hand during every part of the growth process. Veritas’ master growers dedicate their energy to cultivating marijuana as it was intended to grow, ensuring their facility provides everything their flowers need to flourish. Through a combination of stable, unique genetics and a fervent dedication to doing things the hard way, customers are supplied with consistent, high-quality cannabis with every purchase.



This boutique cannabusiness offers strains of gourmet marijuana while procuring seasonal flowers that highlight the unique activities of Colorado throughout the year. Connecting the themes of a community with premium cannabis strains to match. For the Veritas team, marijuana is a personal experience that can accentuate the most enjoyable parts of life. There is no better way to highlight those moments than producing seasonal flowers that coincide with what is happening in their community. Colorado cannabis enthusiasts who require a higher level of consistency and quality in their marijuana are welcomed to grace their palate with gourmet marijuana from Veritas Fine Cannabis.


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Electric Lemonade
THC: 7.5-17.3%

Electric Lemonade is a cross of the legendary Blue Dream with Tahoe OG. Palomar Craft Cannabis created it in Southern California.


The top reported aromas of Electric Lemonade are lemons, berries, and flowers. And it is said to taste similar.

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