Purple Punch


verano™ pulled out all the stops with this union of two indica-dominant classics: Larry OG and Grand Daddy Purps. Smells of grape candy, blueberry muffins, and tart Kool-Aid. The potency of this strain gives a one-two punch to the head and body, initially landing between the eyes and settling down into the limbs. Purple Punch is a delicious dessert strain that is best suited for after dinner. Its effects are preferred for managing nausea, stress, minor body aches, and sleeplessness.

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4.3 stars

Loved it!

It was really good. Definitely helps my pain, nausea and insomnia!

Hey purple where's the punch?

Its purple. It smells like fruit punch. Packing a punch? A resounding no. This $55 1/8 had 18% thc and a 1 % terp profile. No taste. No draw. And again as before, Black ashes poor smoking flower. Staying on the list of don't bother.

03/ 15/17 Purple punch stix 1 gram by Verano !

I have to say that it is definitely a good Indica dominant that has great terps in the strain and like I had to learn its not about the percentage of The T.H.C. in the flower. I like the taste of the flower it has a grape candy taste to me and you can really take a hit with out coughing a lot even a bigger then usual hit I can take but nothing surprises me with anything Verano grows or makes They can really put out some quality medical cannabis products in this up and that is why I love me Verano Purple punch is for a great evening of relaxation with deceased pain , and a good night of sleep and feel rested when you wake up with a 😋 on your face and wanting to get more for when you want a good night of relaxation.

Loved it

Best I've had from a shop yet and it was only 20% 😅

Love PP but....

The batches of late are nowhere near what the purple punch was. First 8th i bought was 27 percent thc and would literally put me to sleep but the last couple grams i got were around 15 percent and looked different and didnt have the same power to the punch. I have to add super glu or another uppercut to the salad to get the same medicinal value from it

mix with verano super glu

fire strain, packs a punch for the test results. don't let numbers on this one let you think it's not good medicine. I mixed 0.4 grams of the purple punch with 0.2 grams of super glu for a SUPER PUNCH.... relaxed me for bed perfectly

The bees knees

This is my favorite of all time strain from smell to taste to the feeling !!



So purple.

grimace from McDonald’s is purple purple. This is PURPLE PURPLE. Wish it was slightly stronger but so beautiful.

top strain

absolutely beautiful taste and smell one of the top strains ever

Purple punch

I love Veranos punch but the numbers have been really low on recent batches around 15% thc and a substandard cannabinoid/terp profile. The first 8th of PP i got in Maryland was 26% thc high cbg and over 2% terps. However if you like the powerful purple punch you will love the Mai Tai (thai) going around right now

Playmate of the Year

Picked up an eighth of this & my jaw dropped when I opened the jar. The buds were the most beautiful I think I've seen- very bright and rich purple hues mixed with light & dark greens that look like they could've been misted with glue & dipped in a bowl of sugar from the insane amount of trichomes. It smoked surprisingly smoothly, but didn't seem to have quite the "punch" I was expecting tbh. Not bad by any means, but not the strongest either. Still, a nice contribution from the quality cultivating of Verano.


Packs a punch 🥊


favorite for night chillin n makes me sleep like a baby. tangy sweet tart flavor added bonus

Another Favorite!!

This strain was one of my first that I tried a few months ago and forgot to review it, but it is still one of my favorites after trying many different strains. As soon as it comes back to my dispensary I will grab up some more so I can keep it on hand.


It was ok not anything special I would not buy again but I am not pissed that I did

One of the Best Strains Available

Near perfection. Beautiful, tasty, frosty and a great chill high. These snobs knocking Verano seem like their competing growers. I've smoked a lot of weed in my years, and Verano is the best and most consistent. Couldn't care less about curing or whatever, the high is amazing and so is the aesthetics. What else do you need?

Don't waste your money

This was the worst bud I've ever tasted.

kinda punch

Ive tried this strain twice both in grams. Once a couple month's back and recently in a 5 gram flight pack. Was not impressed with flavor or cure. Tapping out black ashes. Dull flavor profile. Smelled grassy and young. Compared to the Doggy purp, mag, gelato, g6 this was definitely the last gram smoked.

Delicious - And Impossible to be Anxious

Great strain to just melt away stress and anxiety. Obviously a beautiful presentation, great smell and taste, but just a great, deep, satisfying high.