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The Venice Cookie Company is a leading manufacturer and distributor of cannabis infused products in California. Since 2008, our edibles, beverages and tinctures have led the industry in quality and innovation. We create delicious, healthy and reliable cannabis products that can be enjoyed safely and responsibly. We are committed to collaborating with other industry leaders, researchers, regulators and policy makers to create a thriving cannabis industry that benefits everyone.


Serving California since 2008.


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  • Distributor A11-17-0000036-TEMP
  • Distributor M11-17-0000046-TEMP



Pomegranate XOXO

With my pulmonary problems, I've found relief in edibles. THC opens the airways and in edible form it can be dosed and the effects last longer. The Cannabis Quencher is the best drink, especially the Pomegranate. Pomegranate is worth the investment. It's the best tasting one and is more concentrated than the others. Shake the bottle, measure out one ounce easily with a medicine cup, and in about 30-60 mins it'll be working. Less is more. Also drink tea or flavored tea on the side and it'll help the effectiveness. It helps my airways for hours just on one dose of 12.5mg. There are also hard candies you can get to break in half that are double dose at 25mg. Many thanks to VCC for creating these beverages. Liquid seems to bond better with me, maybe because the human body is mostly liquid. I've lost twenty pounds and can't recall the last asthma attack I had. I even log my doses in a journal. Cheers! Here's to a treatment that works!! XOXO
E puffs

Cannabis Quencher

Best medicated drink EVER! My favorite favor is Hibiscus but it's hard to choose cuz the CBD Mango is BOMB also! The best on a hot day


With so many edible companies popping up- it's hard to find quality products that provide the patient with consistent results every time. Venice does not disappoint!