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URSA was built to demolish boredom.

From the best cannabis comes the best concentrates, and we source nothing but the best cannabis in the Emerald Triangle. Our dedication to true-strain flavors gives our consumers unique flavors every time and the experience the flower intended. All of our products are full-spectrum concentrates that feature 69-98% THC and the highest level of terpene preservation possible. At URSA, we aim to educate you on what to look for in your cannabis products. From terpene profiles to new product categories, we have a lot to learn and the industry is evolving every day.

Our Live Resin and Liquid Diamond Sauce Cartridges give you an unbelievable high

We only use top-shelf single strain flowers in our Live Resin and Liquid Diamond Sauce Cartridges. So, the name you see on the label is the strain you will enjoy. Our holistic processes ensure that with every dab or puff you are getting the full entourage effect. This entourage effect comes from us using only the best flower in all of our products.

Live Resin Dab’s On-the-Go

All of our full spectrum Liquid Diamond Sauce Cartridges are pure Live Resin put in an on-the-go pen format. With our high concentrates of up to 98%, we can ensure when you use an Ursa Liquid Diamond Sauce Cartridge you get the full cannabis experience. We fill our THC live resin oils in ceramic cartridges, to give you the purest taste on demand. Our discrete flavorful carts can be used with our very own 510 Thread Low Voltage battery.

Low Voltage Batteries

Enjoy flavors like you never have before on the go, with the lowest temperature setting vape pen battery in existence. When we were creating our Liquid Diamond Live Resin, we realized that we would need to create a tool to use our products. We quickly found there weren't any companies creating a Low voltage battery so we decided to make our own. Lower temperatures preserve terpene flavor and give you the experience the flower intended. The low heat settings in this 510-thread battery were specially designed to enhance the experience of URSA Liquid Diamond Sauce Cartridges. When you pair our cartridges with the battery you are getting the most high-end experience possible.

Out of this world Terpene Taste

Our pure extraction processes leave you nothing but the purest, smoothest, top-shelf terpene flavor. Our pure single strain cannabis is flash-frozen at the best possible time. The stringent testing process ensures that you are getting the best quality product with the highest concentrations of cannabinoids. When you use an Ursa Live Resin product you know that taste and quality are at the forefront of our brand. We are a favorite in the 710 community for the unbelievable tastiness of all of our full spectrum cannabis live resin products. 

Liquid Diamond Sauce Cartridges

Our Liquid Diamond Sauce Cartridges are unlike any other on the market. We create all of our diamond carts with the best processes out now. We use the BHO refinement method. In this process we flash freeze all parts of high-quality single strain cannabis. Through a closed-loop system, the butane solvent is washed over the frozen flower and isolates cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The extracted oil is then purged of the solvent. Since the plant material is frozen at the time of harvest, there are no additional refinements needed for pure live-resin carts. When you use one of our Cartridges, we can ensure you that you are only inhaling the purest, most potent part of the cannabis plant. 

Live Resin

Our Live Resins are made with BHO Refinement processes. We pride ourselves on being innovators in the industry by using the most oil and the best systems to extract our high THC diamond concentrates. Our aged diamond live resin is sure to make any ENTSE smile. Our flash-frozen BHO method ensures that anytime you open a URSA live resin you are only receiving top-shelf quality products.


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