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Two Roots

Two Roots "Mango Dango" IPA – 5mg THC

Rated as low potency.

5MG THC | 0.5% ALC VOL | 100 CAL

Hazy dark gold with a soft and pillowy mouthfeel. Delicate, fruity aroma reminding you of that delicious ripe mango that haunts your dreams. The mango character isn’t just in the aroma, but subtly in the taste as well. There is some hop bitterness upfront that gently diminishes.

Two Roots
92 Favorites

Anyone who cuts their thirst with Two Roots falls in love, fast. That’s because each tinny begins life as a true crafted beverage, made to the highest standards. Then, the alcohol comes out and the cannabis infusion goes in. The result? A better tasting, healthier approach to extremely good times, coming in at 25-50% fewer calories than the leading beer alternatives.

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