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Two Roots

Two Roots “Enough Said” Lager – 5mg THC

5MG THC | 0.5% ALC VOL | 70 CAL

Firmly rooted in its German tradition, our golden non-alcoholic helles is made with only Pilsner Malt and Hallertau Hops. This clear refreshing near beer is perfect for any occasion. Understood and beloved worldwide - Enough Said.

Two Roots
92 Favorites

Anyone who cuts their thirst with Two Roots falls in love, fast. That’s because each tinny begins life as a true crafted beverage, made to the highest standards. Then, the alcohol comes out and the cannabis infusion goes in. The result? A better tasting, healthier approach to extremely good times, coming in at 25-50% fewer calories than the leading beer alternatives.

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