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Truclear Concentrate Syringe 850mg 1:1 CBD:THC

TruClear is a pure cannabis oil extract concentrate that has no added cutting ingredient.

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Trulieve’s founders rooted their company’s credibility by forming a team with decades of healthcare, plant cultivation and pharmaceutical experience. Their entire team are passionate advocates for marijuana’s healing potential, especially when compared to harmful effects of prescription opioids. Seeking to offer Floridas patients an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs, Trulieve culivates and crafts a top shelf selection of medical cannabis and low-THC/high-CBD cannabis products for their patients. Using the most advanced cultivation techniques we track each plant from seed to sale to ensure complete purity and a safe alternative to pain relief. 

The compassionate staff at Trulieve strives to offer each medical marijuana patient the best medical cannabis experience you can offer. Trulieve customizes their marijuana treatments to specific health conditions, working with their patients’ and physicians to find the ideal cannabis therapy for each individual. With an expansive range of knowledge, compassion, and research, Trulieve’s marijuana dispensary staff welcomes every visitor with a smile, committed to assisting them in improving their overall quality of life. 

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