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We begin with our Grade A High Delta 9 THC California State Compliant Distillate. We then introduce a small amount of our custom blends of Natural terpenes. This is so we can give you a great taste while also giving you the euporic feeling of your favorite Indica, Hybrid, Or Satvia strains. Without the use of any cutting agents whatsoever we are able to retain the highest amount of THC possible without giving you a bad or a burnt taste. All of our products are tested through the california state compliance process at Belcosta Labs. We will always assure that our customers feel great about their purchase, from our rigorous parameters of oil to our unique strains and customized hardware for the ultimate in quality of life for every purchase.

High potency distillate is extremely viscous, and the CCell porous ceramic coil is specifically designed for just that. With its universal 510 threading, it is effortlessly accessible. Our cartridge is also low resistance which enables it to heat up faster and deliver a bigger dose if desired.

With the retailers and consumers needs in mind, our goal is to be consistent and educate how truly beneficial vaping cannabis can be. We look forward to bringing all the years of our hard work and experience.

TOHQ with us any time #takeatohq and as always thank you to our customers for being a part of the rotation.

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State License

  • Adult-Use Mfg. CDPH-T00000299



Great product and company!

I’ll start by saying I’m very picky about the quality of oil I get and (regrettably) have a high tolerance. This company is all class and on top of it! I had a problem and left a pretty negative review, but they responded in such a friendly way, I had to get in touch with them! I’m happy I did…I’ve exchanged some of the nicest messages with these guys, it’s obvious they really care about what they’re doing. They listened to me and I felt like I had a ‘voice’, something I really appreciate. I also got a brief education about terpenes, so their recommendations made sense. As for their product, their cartridges are top shelf, and the closest I’ve come to one-hit oil I’ve had! Their Super Lemon Haze is now my favorite SLH, strong and great flavor! The cartridges themselves look like the same ccell carts that a couple of other top of the line companies use, and they’re the best in the market now. Again, they’re on the ball, and from what I’ve experienced are only interested in producing a top of the line product. Add top of the line customer service and that seals the deal for me. I’m a big fan, and their carts are now at the top of my top three favorites. If I sound like I’m gushing, it’s because I am! Heheh…seriously, I’m excited about TOHQ, they are a pleasure to deal with, and to me that’s huge…and rare, especially in this industry. I'm not associated with them in any way other then being a customer, and I wasn't 'bribed' to write a review. Thank you!

Best cartridge on the market

TOHQ cartridges are the most potent clean oil I’ve been able to find. Better than Alpine, Brass Knuckles, VVs or Ascnd! King Louie and Grape Ape are my faves!

Best cartridge I’ve had

These pens are solid. I bought a hybrid and indica and both were amazing! Would definitely recommend this brand.