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Grown at altitude for a higher experience.


The Flower Collective is a group of cannabis enthusiasts in Nederland, Colorado who’ve banded together to craft the best flowers with the least impact. The Flower Collective team has accounted for every aspect of their grow --from the soil, to the water, to the air -- to produce premium cannabis products sure to captivate cannabis enthusiasts on every front. Whether you’re seeking flowers bursting with flavorful terpenes or solvent-free Bubble Hash, The Flower Collective menu has you covered. Experience cannabis at new highs, with The Flower Collective’s mountain-grown, thoughtfully processed buds and extracts.



Grown in Nederland

Nederland, Colorado has remained the longstanding headquarters of individuality and free expression. Ned’s roots shaped the music industry thanks to the town’s crisp mountain air, coveted seclusion, and talent at Caribou Ranch Recording Studio. In the spirit of the creativity that fostered the bluegrass scene in the ‘70s and ‘80s, The Flower Collective team has found their home in Nederland. Not only is Ned the stomping ground of creative force, but its altitude, water, and climate make it the perfect place to cultivate cannabis. Today, The Flower Collective invites you to experience flower at its finest with a fine menu of premium cannabis, grown in Nederland.




Cultivating cannabis in soil does affect the final product. The Flower Collective’s method allows them to nurture the microbial life in the soil, which, in turn, nurtures the plant. The Flower Collective’s cultivators mimic nature by providing their plant's natural nutrients through decomposition and excretion of organic matter. This natural cycle promotes terpene development in the plant, delivering flowers with greater potency and expressive terpenes.



The Flower Collective’s flowers are flushed thoroughly, which means they only feed their plants pure, Nederland, mountain water during the last ten days of the growing cycle. This allows flowers to shed excess nutrients, which results in buds with smooth, clean flavor.



The altitude of The Flower Collective influences their flowers in two critical ways. Located at over 8,000 feet elevation, cultivators can reduce their cooling demands, saving energy and reducing their carbon footprint. Also, a higher altitude means less oxygen, which slows oxidation while curing. This creates cannabis with a more diverse terpene profile than what most are able to achieve.



The Flower Collective offers a myriad of high-quality cannabis products including their flowers, Bubble Joints, Bubble Hash, and clones in a strain variety that includes exotic cultivars such as Bear Dance flowers. These ladies display a tropical musk with subtle pine aroma, with effects that deliver a euphoric buzz and inspire creativity. The Flower Collective’s Sour Joker flowers are the cross of parent strains Amnesia Haze x East Coast Sour Diesel creating a potent Sativa with phenomenal effects and Bubble Joints are boast-worthy, too. Each joint combines five parts of premium cannabis flower with one part solventless Bubble Hash, available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid blends.

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I personally have known these folks for a minute now. They actually helped me out with a job a while, while ( way back den).. There proffesional approach to the weed indestry is way ahead of most. The others come and are gone. Where as tree house (flower house) tri city emerald , keaps an industry standard of top quality products and approach that basically sails through the fast changing waves of the industry. Always emerging as leaders and captains of the industry. I was lucky this year and was able to harvest quite a good pull. LOOK OUT NORTH COUNTY ,HERE COMES GODZILLA OG. homeless guy outdoor marijuana grow 2 Utube vids

Good weed

Does what I want to b done so it’s good

Great service!

Very polite and easy. Request Cashier Raxx for best service