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The Feel Collection is a family of curated cannabis products that offers a holistic approach to wellness. Tinctures infused with essential oils, discreet capsules, and potent RSOs ensure the highest levels of purity and allow for simple, accurate dosing.

Whatever you seek — energy to meet the day, a well-supported body unburdened by discomfort, or a night of restful sleep — The Feel Collection can help you take another step toward vitality.

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RSO replacement

The 1:1 thc cbn capsules are somewhat comparable to the liberty rso capsules which have become very hard to find lately. In case anybody runs out of those and doesn’t want to mess around with a rso syringe (kind of difficult to get consistent dose) I would try this product or the same product but in tincture form.

Tincture change

The Energize and Relax tinctures were my go-to until the formulation changed and all the tinctures became concentrated. Now the Energize puts me to sleep!? I'm trying to find an alternative. There used to be CBG in the tinctures and now it looks like that's been removed. I'm trying to find an alternative and I really wish the formulation had stayed the same because I relied on the tinctures for anxiety relief without being impaired. What happened???