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2.9 stars

Bought a cartridge for 4/20... it doesn’t work

It was so nice to go out of town and make some random purchases for 4/20 this past Saturday. I usually never buy cartridges but decided to give it a shot since they were on sale. I found a grape ape gram and thought it’d be a perfect night cap. Upon driving home I discovered the product is defunct and I captured pictures and video as proof that this product does not work. For whatever reason the oil does not vape. And I tried a separate cartridge in my battery and guess what, it works fine. I would legitimately like a refund and explanation why people would buy something that fails to work. Is there any testing to make sure the cartridges actually work before sending them off? Because you should. I will never purchase from CO2 company and will probably never buy cartridges again thanks to you. Note that this review will be streamed on every platform.

Family owned/Consistent Quality

This company is a 1 stop shop that keeps evolving. One of first 5 Oregonian cartridge companies to still be up and running...I think that speaks for itself. The company is family owned & ran with real passion that shows in their products. Also 1 of not many Co. that uses full plant extraction method using Organic solvent NO fillers (Not like PaxERA garbage cartridges). Very knowledgeable Excellent product Amazing Quality LOCAL Family owned buisness invest in quality. They test all flavors first in-house as well as take feedback. Mama Lou's ayurvedic tinctures are like no other (Blows Tj's out of the water) Mama Lou's THC Energy is a tincture of herbs (Tumeric,Flax Seed,..) that helps me focus with sustained energy through out the day ORGANICALLY!! They carry 4 different tincture blends (1) THC ENERGY, (2) THC/CBD Wellness, (3 )CBD Relief & (4) CBD Sleep. Best value product on the market...the quality speaks for itself Check the ingredients dont disapoint yourself with anything else.

Life long customer!

This company has finally made a break through! Their Full spectrum and Fruit Lust CO2 cartridges are super tasty and now come in the CCELL carts which work the best on the market these days. I’m really happy to see they are still around and growing as a business. Thank you for providing good clean medicine for us!

No Issues

I picked up a Harley-Tsu cartridge from the CO2 company. At 8% THC and 78% CBD, it's been a lifesaver as a rapid-response anxiety med (on par with Valium). I haven't had any problems with the cartridge, and the taste isn't terribly unpleasant (I've had some real clunkers).


Figured I'd get my money's worth by purchasing a full gram for cheaper than most halfs but I won't ever again. Lame wick system wouldn't work for anything on my brand new O-Pen 2. Tastes like trash and the other one I got at the same time doesn't even work! I learned my lesson... you get what you pay for.

Had high hopes

Nice design, over packaged, but cartridge didn't draw worth a damn. My local despencery even gave me a new battery to try. ( kudo' to Madrone )


yet another cartridge that tastes like stems and plastic.