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Bloom Live Rosin Surf All-In-One 500mg |Kryptonite

Users report feeling euphoric with this high potency product.


Live Rosin

Potent and long lasting, Kryptonite is a strong sativa strain that produces effects from the first hit. Sweet and earthy flavors mix to create a unique balance of tasting notes. Expect a body high and strong euphoria when reaching for this strain. A great option for reducing stress and inducing a relaxed, yet uplifted high




Killer Queen x Mendocino Purps


Sweet, Earthy, Pine

Bloom Live Rosin is an unprocessed concentrate made from mechanically pressing live cannabis without solvents, chemicals, or additives. The result is a plant-forward, full-spectrum concentrate with clear fruit, floral, and earth notes. Our craft extraction process is hands-on and difficult to scale, yielding limited batches of high caliber concentrate that capture the entourage effect of the entire cannabis flower at peak freshness—preserving terpene profiles, cannabinoids and other supporting plant material.

Available in seasonal strains.

Tests at 75-80%THC.

All natural ingredients. Zero additives.

  • Earthy
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The ORIGINAL Cannabis Aficionados

As a group of passionate cannabis users and borderline weed-snobs, we simply wanted a better way to enjoy our favorite strains. So in 2014, we set out to create a vape that could capture all the best elements of smoking flower strains. That’s how Bloom was born.

Think of us as your modern-day florist – we're here to help you find a flower for every occasion.



The Spanish breeder Pyramid Seeds crossed some outdoor-grown phenotypes from the mountains of Granada with some of its own cultivars and California’s Humboldt to create Kryptonite.

This sativa-leaning strain is said to have a hazy flavor and aroma, along with THC levels of about 17% and nearly 2% CBD.

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