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Bloom Live Budder | Cake Face

Rated as high potency.

Cake Face

Live Budder

Cake Face is an exquisite hybrid strain that combines the sweet and spicy flavors of Animal Face with the powerful effects of Face Off OG. The result is a fragrant and potent strain with a complex flavor profile. The aroma unfolds with a rich sweetness reminiscent of vanilla cake, layered with spicy notes of cinnamon and clove. As the fragrance deepens, it reveals earthy and musky undertones, with hints of pine and diesel adding a touch of complexity to the overall experience. The result is an incredible olfactory experience and a long-lasting high. Make sure you have a soundtrack ready for this strain.




Wedding Cake x Face Off OG


Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cloves

Bloom Live Budder with micro diamonds offers the most flavorful and aromatic experience in concentrate form. Each extraction is customized using a data-driven process tailored to the individual batch of flower, resulting in delicious, potent strains with a unique high.

Recommended temperature for dabbing is between 300-500 degrees.

Available in 1g seasonal strains.

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The ORIGINAL Cannabis Aficionados

As a group of passionate cannabis users and borderline weed-snobs, we simply wanted a better way to enjoy our favorite strains. So in 2014, we set out to create a vape that could capture all the best elements of smoking flower strains. That’s how Bloom was born.

Think of us as your modern-day florist – we're here to help you find a flower for every occasion.


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