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Sweet Cali Candy believes that edibles should be both great tasting and effective medicine that is enjoyable.

Making traditional candies that provide a delicious, joyful experience, Sweet Cali Candy uses low dosage cannabis in each of their edibles to ensure patients and consumers can medicate effectively, safely, and comfortably. Bringing the in the world of artisanal candy making with the holistic healing abilities of whole plant cannabis into one joyful and therapeutic experience.

An artist at heart, the head candy chef at Sweet Cali Candy always had a passion for the culinary arts. He studied various candy recipes during an apprenticeship, picking his favorites and altering to make them his own. Years later SCC chef’s father was diagnosed with cancer. After trying prescription medicine after prescription medicine, the unpleasant side effects became too unbearable, and SCC chef decided to try medical cannabis. Taking the recipes he had long perfected in his apprenticeship days, the SCC chef made his first marijuana edible and gave it to his ailing father. Astoundingly, his father’s health seemed to improve over night. No longer bogged down by the mountain of prescription pills, his father’s energy and appetite finally returned to him. Above all else, he saw his father’s outlook and overall happiness improve. Seeing firsthand how medically powerful cannabis was, he set forth to improve the quality of life for other patients and created Sweet Cali Candy.

In 2014 Sweet Cali Candy became a close knit team with the same vision: bringing sweet relief to as many patients as possible. Learning and growing every single day, Sweet Cali Candy has been helping the marijuana movement ever since.

Sweet Cali Candy makes healthy and balanced candies. Knowing the power of eating fresh and clean, and medicating effectively and efficiently, when it comes to Sweet Cali Candy’s ingredients, you can expect nothing but the very best. Making their vegan canna concentrates from partnered, outdoor, organic gardens, using high quality flower. They then use the super high concentrated buds and trim to make their vegan cannabutter, which is used in most of their candy products.

Sweet Cali Candy takes pride in making every single piece of candy is hand crafted from scratch. Working in small batches, SCC makes sure their flavor profile and cannabis dosage is consistent every time. No piece of candy is lost in the shuffle.

Specializing in low-dosage, flavorful candies, Sweet Cali Candy’s edibles are perfect for the cannabis newcomer, or the long time marijuana patient who knows what they need to medicate. Mixing the old school nature of candy bring pleasure, and combining it with the holistic goal of cannabis bringing you relief.

Cough Dots

There is nothing else on the market quite like Sweet Cali Candy’s Cough Dots. A sugar-free lozenge made with therapeutic oil blends that provide a soothing sensation each time you eat it. At only 10mg, these mild candies sooth sore throats or help alleviate coughs. Gluten free and vegan, these dots have a comforting flavor profile of lemon, cinnamon, clove, and mentholated eucalyptus. Like a cup of tea in a candy.

Sweet Cali Candy proudly tests each and every one of their products at Pharm Labs, a laboratory that provides testing and analytic services to the cannabis community. SCC tests their products for full cannabinoid potency (THC and CBD) and microbial testing for their cannabutter (mold and pesticides).

Based in Southern California, Sweet Cali Candy has been providing their edibles to the great Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego regions. You can find their products in Point Loma Patient Consumer Co-Op in Oceanside, The High Church in Temecula, and South Coast Safe Access in Santa Ana.

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CRAAAZY for Sweet Cali's Carmel Apple Candies!!!

My girlfriend and I first discovered Sweet Cali's products at a "Local Sess" here in San Diego quite awhile back. We didn't' think much of the samples they gave to us initially, but once we got home and gave them a try we were both absolutely blown away with both the taste, and more importantly the effectiveness of these little hand crafted candies. As my girlfriend and I are regular dabbers and smokers, the edible realm isn't normally our preferred intake method... but Sweet Cali brought both of us back for more! These tasty mammer jammers are individually wrapped and are dosed very consistently for a couple like us who are weary of medibles that might yield us non-functional and otherwise comatose on the couch all day. The caramel green apples are our personal favorites, although we've also sampled the lozenges which were tasty too. Personally, two of these babies are just what I need to feel that nice body high associated with most medibles, and its because this company leaves a remarkably nice amount of CBD in their product that I believe these work so well for my back pain as compared to many other medicated candies I've tried. Dosing with these carmel apples, I'm surprisingly functional if necessary, with no gross residual "weed" taste leftover on my palette or the back of my throat like I've experienced with so many other medibles. Now let me get to the really cool part about this company that doesn't even involve their already dope culinary prowess....CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Sweet Cali's products are sold at a few high end dispensaries around us here in San Diego, but at the time that we discovered them, their products weren't exactly easy to come by. When we expressed an interest in buying their green apple candies in bulk, they were more than happy to accommodate for our needs at a very reasonable price. In fact, Joseph, Eliana, and Jill all gave us their personal numbers and said if we ever needed more candies, please don't hesitate to call. Ever since then they've been hooking us up from all the way up in L.A. by making a trip down or meeting us personally when they're in San Diego to drop off a mason jar of Sweet Cali Candies to our door! Talk about bend over backwards customer service, it really doesn't get much friendlier than that. In conclusion, I was really happy to write this review for these folks because I believe in what they do, and how they go about doing it! If you decide to give this company a try, I seriously doubt you'll be unhappy with any aspect of it....and this is coming from a guy who rarely intakes medibles. Please keep up the fantastic consistency and bang-up customer service! People really can tell when your business is backed by compassion and not dollar signs, which is why I will continue to buy these candies :-) :-)