Stoner & Co. was established in 2015 by Morgan Stoner and his wife Karleena. With a passion for mindfulness and well being, they have launched a mission to make normal people feel normal, one loyal patient at a time. The Stoners believe normal shouldn’t be mundane, boring or stultifying. Strains are chosen and bred for their richness of flavor, dense aromas and for relieving a myriad of ailments. Stoner & Co is most proud of its newest inventions, Dr. Von Glue, Miss Cherie Atoms, Duchess of York, and Princess Magic Girl. Available exclusively through Stoner & Co. Evidenced by the crystals frosting each nugget that passes into our patient’s hands, Stoner & Co’s herbal exquisiteness stems from the meticulous care that is given to each plant under the botanical genius of Mr. Stoner and his team of highly skilled kin.