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4.3 stars


Does the job! Great prices!

$47 for crap

Hardly any smoke came out, made me cough up my ovaries, left a bad taste in my mouth, and it also keeps leaking, y’all really up to your name because it also left my lips all sticky. I email the company today (6/24) and the shop I bought it from told me to spend more money on a different product because they didn’t want to exchange it because “it still works” hella disappointed in both

I love the brand and product...but...

I have ordered 2 Sublime Orange Dynamite and the dispensary exchanged one because the battery went out and there's no charging this one. They sent out a new one...AND IT DID THE SAME THING. I like this brand and I will continue to buy but just make sure you get one that has a charging port. I would like to hear from them but I don't know if they would exchange for new pens with ports so i can recharge them. I'm SOL because of them dying after 30 hours. My only recourse is to get a hold of them. I have 2 pens here that are full with dead batteries.

Love the Stick e Vape brand.

Best brand out there. Always happy with the quality, love the fact they made the disposable pens with rechargeable batteries. 💚

What is the policy on defective disposable pens?

I've emailed Sick e Vape to see what they would offer for a defective disposable vape pen (clogged then leaking). The dispensary I purchased it from recommended I email Stick e Vape directly. I haven't received a response. Disappointing. Unless I get a response from Stick e Vape, I will assume they are out of business and will not purchase this brand in the future.


Been using vape pens for years... tried these I purchased 4 at $40 each. Well in 2 days, 2 don’t work they are clogged. Now I don’t even want to open the other ones... thinking they are going to clog and waste all the money I spent on them. I want them to fix this. Never using the brand again.


I was gifted a stick e cart found it to be very effective with just one hit .cool stick e.

They just stop working...

I’ve been buying Stick e Vape disposables for a while now but I’m done. They’re great when they work but they’re too expensive to be so unreliable. I have a dead one HALF FULL! For a while they had a charging port in some so you could recharge the battery if it dies but that’s not the case with the Dirty Head ones.. time to find a new brand

Defective and dark distillate

Batteries always dying, distillate is dark. Last summer they were dirt cheap bc none of them worked or were filled properly. Not very reputable. Plus have you tried to read their “test results”...? Yikes. Not for me.

da best

cool af stor, genuine locals (i am one2) and beautiful flower and vibes :)) teehee gawd bless 〰️🙏〰️

Love love love!

Stick e vape is amazing af! Every pen I’ve tried smacks! I really love that their packaging tells you what the strain will help with, ex: insomnia, anxiety, etc. Best part is they’re the only disposable that you can recharge!
Scott Schultz

Stick e vapes need better batteries

Two of my last five Stick.e.vape pens have been completely useless, right out of tge box. Pen full of oil. No way to access. 30 bucks down tgd drain. Twice! WTF! Pens are great when they work, but it sucks when you arrive at a Super Bowl Party with 30 dollars worth of nothing, two weeks after experiencing a similar disapointment at a concert 2 werks ago. I saved the pen this time. I will make video to document. Unacceptable. That adds up to 60 dollars down tge drain. 1 Tangie, 1 GG4 Not worth the risk. Never again, and I am informing vendors

Don't understand the bad reviews....yet.

Hopefully no bad review comes after this, because so far it's a great product! After reading all the other reviews decided to give it a go. Picked up the "Dance all night" disposable last night, took a good 4 rips from it, and it got me on a whole other level. Was all focused playing battlefield 4 lol. Woke up this morning, took another rip, no clogs. So far so good, really liking this pen, if all ends well, defiantly will be buying more of them. Edit: only downside I'm concerned about it the battery not going to last, when i first seen the pen, it had a charging port on the bottom, but this one i just got didn't have it. Didn't notice till after i got home, so hopefully the battery last till the oil's gone.

How to Fix a Clog on a stick.e.vape pen.

Find a (usually green) paper coated wire bag tie like the ones most grocery stores use for produce or meat bags to close them. Pinch the widest sides together to make it as small as possible. Unscrew the top part of the pen holding the oil and keep it upright. This exposes a large needle size tube in the middle. Insert the bag tie end and start pushing it in while twisting it. When it reaches the end, twist it a few more time then pull it out. You will see some dark tar pulled out. I repeated with the other end and got more tar but afterwards the pen worked perfectly. Enjoy the blue razz.

Love Stickevape!!!

I don’t usually review product, but felt the need to review these pens because I truly love them. I’ve tried just about ever pen on the market and this is by for my favorite. The quality of the oil is great, the pen is discreet enough to use wherever I am, the taste is great, and the variety of strains they offer is pretty awesome. I’ve gotten all of my friends to use them too, now it’s the only ones they will use! Extremely happy with these and def will keep recommending to everyone I know. Their customer service is spot on too. Great people. Thanks guys!


i review carts on youtube kriss daigle i bought this to try a new brand. i got gelato and blue razz both hybrids. no problems to report. love the gelato!!!! good little carts. -777- 4 out of 5

Clogged after a few days

I was so happy with this disposable for the first three days. It has a tasty concentrate that did the trick but a few days later, after pretty regular use and with plenty of concentrate left, the pen is clogged. It is way too much effort to pull three times just to break through. Then finally on pull 4 you might get a hit. There are better pens out there.

Worst Disposable Pen Experienced So Far

My first gripe is I'm tired of every time I go to my dispensary to get another disposable vape pen it's NEVER the previous brand, or the one before that, and so on... my first ones were the DomPens, which still to this day I say are the best, but I digress... The stick.e.vape pen came inside this tube (which was also packaged on top of that) that had a white "cap" that was DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to remove, not to mention extremely irritating. There's no reason why it needed to be so "secure"... just got me off to a bad start. (hence me coming here to bitch about it) And actually I was ALREADY irritated with it, because it's not what I went to purchase in the first place, and was bummed that I had to settle with this flashy pen that had "STICK.E.VAPE" plastered across the entire thing WITH a weed leaf as well... I don't know about others, but I don't want that. I don't want the flashy brand name plastered across the thing (Same with the "Magic Pipe" vape) NOR do I want a big WEED LEAF on the thing... cuz that's exactly the thing i wanna be using in places where weed is prohibited.... stupid. I use disposable vape pens in airports, restaurants, gatherings, clubs, bars, etc... sure, I'm not SUPPOSED to use them there, but I do... and I'm fine. But imagine NOW trying to use the same thing with a huge weed leaf on the thing. It's lame. It's bad design. It's a bad idea. Last gripe is this charging port... is THAT why this pen was $40, whereas most are $30? Because if so, I'm GOOD with it not being rechargeable... it's DISPOSABLE for a reason! And, are you gonna tell me that this disposable vape pen is potentially gonna LOSE POWER before the oil is gone??? What?? WHY?! I've been using disposable pens for at least the last 5-6 years, and love them for their cheapness, convenience and ease of use... and if I ever need to throw away (for whatever reason) I'm not torn by it. I don't WANT to charge anything. If I did, I'd buy a NON-DISPOSABLE one. I want its battery (or whatever powers it) to last as long as however much oil is in it, JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER DISPOSABLE VAPE PEN AVAILABLE!!! I can't even comment on the taste/feel/draw/etc because I'm way too irritated with all these other no-brainer defects. I will avoid purchasing in the future.

disposable pen

Worked great the first day. After that, the oil would get sucked up through the mouthpiece, and clog the opening. Pretty much unusable with friends, as every draw requires 5 seconds of HEAVY drawing. Even at home I'm feeling more of the lack of oxygen than the actual effects of the pen once I get it unstuck.

Bought two pens.......

They both stopped working after about 4-5 uses. The oil dried somewhere inside the pen. You had to pull with 20 lbs of lung force to try to pop through it. Eventually, we got thru the buildup, but all we were pulling was air. The battery died. It has a charger on the end of it, so I plugged them in for a few hours. Afterwards? Still dead. Just pissing money away buying this trash. Get something else.