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Spliffin® produces some of the most coveted cannabis flowers and concentrates in California. Inspired by luxurious, simplistic design. Committed to safety, consistency, purity, and potency. 


Spliffin® flowers are bred from private libraries and heirloom stock, resulting in terpene-rich distinctive cannabinoid profiles. Our signature varietals are responsibly grown on farms and greenhouses in Yolo County, Desert Hot Springs, and Los Angeles, without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or Plant Growth Regulators. 


In partnership with the California Institute of Cannabis (CIC), we developed safe, sustainable, cutting-edge manufacturing processes to extract and refine the plant’s psychoactive and medicinally active elements. Although costly and labor-intensive, our proprietary techniques yield a golden, pristine distillate of unmatched potency. 


In addition to elevating industry standards and consumer expectations, Spliffin® is building community and cultivating a lifestyle movement. We are committed to developing the finest cannabis flowers, and cannabis-derived and infused products for discerning consumers. 


All Spliffin® products are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Trying to find you guys.

I believe I've purchased over 100 cartridges from Spliffin, and boy do I love me some Spliffin'! About 3 months ago I have not been able to find them anywhere, with the exception of Ontario CA and it was $80 a G.. no way. I paid $40 when they were popular in the Inland Empire. Is there any dispensary ANYONE knows of that carries them for a decent price? Best cartridges hands down just can't find you guys anymore!!

Why aren’t you everywhere?

So glad my local shop carries them but they have such a hard time keeping them in stock. I have tried all their cartridges wish they would do a hybrid tho. I like the indica but too many puffs and I’m zzzz and the sativas gives me a nice head buzz but too many puffs and my anxiety kicks in. I like that they only do full grams and they last the longest from all the other brands I have tried. Sometimes it gets a bit clogged but nothing that some warm hands can’t fix. Good hits and taste is nice. I really hope to see you guys at other dispensary.

My new Boo Thang!!!

Ok feel me on this.....Im new to this vape game and don't have much experience with alot of brands and shit , but Spliffin definitely caught my attention. The few I have tried was too harsh, and too expensive..a real one cant go out like that! ! But when i found Spliffin, I knew the Kush Gods was watching over me, and plez blev, they gets it done with quality, price, and look! I recommend Donna OG and Donna Cream for the heavy head body straight to Mars or Pluto if you can find it high, or for that i got shit to do, and cant deal with people bullshit, pick up the Super Haze and Helio Jack! Dont thank me....... but your welcome!!!