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Simply High Extracts is the first edible cannabis company dedicated to bringing you healthy, versatile cooking extracts which enable you to create your own edibles and gourmet dishes. We crafted our vegan butter and extra light olive oil specifically for those who love to cook and self medicate. Our gourmet vegan cannabutter is crafted with an assortment of pressed oils. This is the healthiest, most versatile way you can introduce cannabis to your overall diet. This cannabutter can be used in all aspects of your cooking from baking to sautéing and more. Our organic extra light olive oil is one of a kind. Made specifically for high heat recipes, it can be used to sauté without losing its potency but still light enough to drizzle on top of a salad. This is an olive oil in its purest form ready to be used in any recipe requiring oil. With custom teaspoons for measuring, easy to read directions, and dosing catered to first time users, our products are designed to give you the opportunity to create your own edibles and gourmet dishes in the safest way possible. In short, we want to simplify the way you get high!

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